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My mission your welcome to follow my journey

This is my first blog post so i thought i would tell you abit about myself and my mission I'm about to embark on .Well  in 2009 like many people  Idiscovered I had a tumour  which was  rare it effects 1 in 1000 women  and since then i found myself unable to work but until this day my goal is to make a successful online business so i don't have to depend on the state for money as I can write so Iwanted to use the skills i have and not just give in to a life which i would depend on other taxpayers  and  this blog is where I'm going to keep the ups and downs of my journey , I really hope this blog will touch and inspire other people in similar situations as thousands of people are diagnosed with tumours every year and find their lives irreversibly changed  so my message is don't give up adapt.
The mission-
I have set up a new site hoping to help people in my same situation and am planning to launch the site properly in late September it is live but unfinished , I have included all the things which I have found invaluable in my Internet journey ,  In depth guides which have taken MONTHS AND MONTHS  to research try out and evaluate  I really have looked for gaps in the making money at home  market and focused on the scams too to stop people selling their work too cheap or to companies that will never  pay .
Now the hard work begins and I have to get 7,000 unique visitors  in 9 weeks which is my mission .This is my first website that i want to run as a business but as usual Iwant to set myself a goal and reach this number as quick as humanly possible . People with real life changing illnesses understand that there situation could always change and their health could deteriorate  and not have the energy to setup up something successful which will look after you later . and I hate to procrastinate .

How I plan to get the unique visitors -

1. I am a very talented writer and  can  easily write content for any ones site or blog for the promise of  a unique visit  which is allot better than all those payperclick or paying freelancers ,ill do it for a 40 uniques a week , sites which take at least 5 minutes to setup ,I will write a product description or a 5 line review of your site or write in your comments box a very nice comment .
2.I can write poems which will be personalised on a subject of your choice .
3.`I can offer people a face book friend  or like
4.Ican call a loved one pretending they won the lottery as a joke (along as they don't have a heart attack before i say joke lol)
5.I can offer link exchanges
6.I can help you earn money online and let you be able to make a small web page for yourself.
7.I will explain something geeky to a computer virgin any problem ill do my best
8.Iwill feature your site for a week for 200 unique sent to my site by you .

Now so far Ive got about 300 visitors since Ive put the site online but I haven't launched properly yet so I'm sure this will increase once I  promote the  launch.There are  about 250 uniques due to some submissions to search engines the site is nowhere near full and needs allot of work still but I'm trying to squeeze it all in. i would love any follow blogger or website owners that would appear on my website I would love a q and a section with people who are successfully legitimately earning online as inspiration,

So that's thee mission do you accept ?lol  if you want to join my journey please feel free as would love some helpful hints on the way.I'm hoping that through this journey which goes along with the site it  could become a great  real life resource  showing a real websites development Iwant you to be a part of it and you are what makes it work .

so my first steps 
So far Ive got my web hosting sorted  which wasn't as easy as I thought until I researched allot and found these two where my options vista print and go daddy , I was left with these options as Iwanted a reputable named host that was well enough known to  not be a scam that you cant get paid for  or just suddenly rip your blog offline stealing content as they do .
so I picked vista it was relative expensive in a package whereas most providers can do it for about 3.25 a month even some hosting1,99 but in those instances you ll understand that there is normally an upgrade available which will  unlock allot more needed features if you are really serious about it then Iwould advise you pay about 20.00 a month hosting as you want a tool for seo optimization   and you want to be able to check your site activity in advance detail it really helps to know what people are looking at and what there not then you can cater for them.
This will increase your visitors .
When setting up the pages the only problems I found is sometimes my software interrupts the builder I use but normally disabling one of my spy ware tool allows me too work fine.I didn't really take that much consideration of things like headers and keywords etc until I came across some articles in a forum it really opened my eyes to the amount of free traffic you can gain so it really is worth using a tool to find best search terms and keywords also make sure your site has meta tags and a site map that you can submit to the big search engines  you ll get found easier. I find that in the choice of  layout also  is a problem as sometimes if the layout is too boring people aren't engaged enough but also if there are flashing ads everywhere you look its also off putting plan how you will choose to layout ad space and content space take your time as this will help to improve  the professional quality you are looking for as if it looks to rubbish people will think its not a very safe site and probably wont trust it thinking its a 1 day website generated by recycled content just to earn through advertising i hate those sites myself.
Well I submitted to a couple of site submission directories with a few key ones which Will at least generate you 20 more visitors a day after you use them and this can only grow I'm hoping.

I'm off now as promotion for the launch awaits ill be back tomorrow with an update on my traffic and the key SEO tips to get you started as well. I'll also explain how AdSense can work on multi levels and how to maximize profit you need to integrate blogger and affiliate with AdSense ,triond and others as many as you can in one month  as long as your willing to write original content.
p.s  if any one wants to help with the site I would gladly accept any suggestions as its a learning curve and theres always someone that knows better like my dad says and I'm ready to hear it.

Thank you so much for being a part of my journey if your embarking on a at home business let me know i want this blog to be a sheared resource which really helps people get started  with help from people in the no.

write to me if you want content in exchange for uniques click here

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