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crime vs online cash instead , do you think theyve worked out they can make more cash online than crime yet we explore this issue?

Hey everyone out there that is reading or has just stumbled accross my blog by mistake let me tell you abit about some of the projects i have going on at the moment on one of my sites im accepting donations to make a fund that all donaters can vote on and we can give help to people who maybe cant get loans or any help , they send us a request we vote then issue the money from the fund within 24 hours by paypal , i know its quite a new idea but eveyone knows charity is my heart and alot of the writing i do is just an income boost to help sustain my charity projects i always have on the go.
Im asking any one that wants to donate to me personally for tghe hours spent tirelessly writing when i should have been tucked up asleep , please send me a email as i would love to offer a guest post from you as a thankyou .I f anyone wants to donate to my other site and become a donater then you can find all the info here.
I would just like to say thanks for stopping by and even taking a look you make my blog what it is and without you all i wouldnt feel the need for what i write .Also any skills or help that could be donated to help the dillysan family grow and reall y be a resource for people to make cash in times of desperate need or aas a career.
Who said that age should hold you back im in my twenties and have been out of formal unemmployment for years now ince becoming ill i felt overwhelmed by the state benefit situation and felt that all perfectly fine wa not the route for me , with a illness that can really change your life in a second its not worth settling i told myself i would insure that without someone else paying my wage i wouklld still live to the same standard and the only way i could do that was work from home , i didnt want a regular employer who would let me work at home because they would set deadlines and pressure i wanted to do that side so i only had pressure when i felt up to it and no seadlines to miss if i wasnt well that day.So i started small and then as i grew in knowledge and skills i grew my ideas to get a higher income , this was my part in youth unemployment hence i wasnt really that effected but my peers have quite a dramatically different situation often coming from lower incomes without an academic background being forced on jobseekers and free work experience at tesco for them i am devastated the olden days of talkingto a boss nd maybe landing a job isnt the case its a cv and then a rejection letter for most hence why they turn to crime alot of young people are so business sav vy people actually have bno idea the infostructure in some communitys set uo by young people to make mney between them a market which you cant just enter but they have grown into ,I often find myself asking why not all turnthat business smart s into career they lack self belief and because of low academic acheivements have been made to feel useless with a lack of trade oppurtunitys ofr business growth programs for lower income children once they turn 18 and are out of employment. I THINK THAT PEOPLE would die if they realised how much cash the youth have between them and if the government would only include them and realise its failings they would have the confidence to integrate into the sociolly accepted forms of business.
open discussion?

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