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Dillysans back and blogging i missed all the family .lol- my update

Howdy yall, well its been a dramatic hault lately to the blog as i have been really concentrating on building my presence online and metaphorically taking my fingers out of all the pies and doing one really well a mistake alot of people make.
Since my last posts ive totally changed direction , and how weird is it that.I knew my mission was an experiment so gave it a shot but i found it long winded and didint return sufficient profits for the hours worked so instead of procastinating on something that had failed because i was ashamed to let it go .I started a new site which even though basic provides all the free resources i can possibly give i have researched the information on my site for 3 years and have really an indepth knowledge on marketing and escpecially great ways to build strong downlines with no investment that really work that was my aim all along since my baby that gave everyone homeless or just trying to make an extra few quid for a family outing or even a urgent bill a realistic way to at least earn 60 to 70 with no outlay to paypal ..
Through my journey everything i have found out is here in my archive and will give you a starting point and a great guide to setting up an income stream its all free i never charge and i always want other people to prosper as life is short and its a fact the harder you financially struggle the worse the health consequences in life happiness is key but im ashamed to say money really does help.
So anyway i welcome you back to my blog with open arms also are new readers in kuwait who are seeing their fist issue,thanks to everybody that comes accross my blog and gives it a minute of there time us bloggers do love abit of mutual blogger love to, im so glad that your here and hope you make this a better resource for everyone by posting your onw tips , are you the next internet entreperneur,by the way if you dont know the story ofthe dillysan family (all my sites and blogs but were a family lol. then read the first post it will explain alot.
And to everyone that asked after me im doing well thanks for all the kind emails from people who have also been unable to work due to being diagnosed with a tumour and have really relied on their own self reliance which gave me such a warm feeling i am honestly touched everytime you share a personal experience and i respond by email to most not through the site thanks again i hope all are well and are being the strong ,will hardy people they are.Always remeber if its dark when you wake up maybe you feel asleep with your shades on . lol.

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