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its amazing once you start reasearching something ,then its three years later and i suppose you ve taught your self a new careeer .

Now like all bloggers and marketers i have had days where it all seemed at a loss but i stayed focused and perserverved as hard work does pay there is no mistake about that , but online as a newbie i felt overwhelmed by marketing experts that had all the secrets for a fee which i never ever bought into thankfully but there high earning left me feeling depleted but intime the realism hit me everything online is not rigid ever changeable and ever showed in the best light not always true alot of marketing scams actually moneterize the key point of their earnings to encourage you to join up and pay there fee when there is no way in hell yur reach there earnings and if badly stung the site will close down without notice and all earnings lost plus money invested .
Im going to stress there is no point joining a system that needs a fee its probably a con or gies you minimal back for what you pay instead you need to research the area so much that any questions you have you can answer yourself be it all a basic understanding but you need a grasp of what your talking about to even stand a chance of being taken seriously.Plus you need to carve a market for your elf no one will lead the way the internet is full of promising amazing writiners that get no exposure because they dont play the game properly writing is king but it has to have subjects.
Like mny people out there i thought a site would be easy a blog woul be easy and then i could monetize i thought easy but at every step i found a wall of terms and technical jargon and steps that i could still complete but noy to a good leel if i didnt subcontract the work out , i then started to reasearch mareting techniques ,web building seo, social networking , writing trends, iternet behaviours, css template buildindg whichyou will soon need to learn as its so important to making blogs and sites look different and personal , referral streams, buying behaviours,article writing , seo rich writing , mapping, html,java,mail advertising,list building,social network sites and achieveing a rapid growing fellowship.Also ebook selling writing tactics, and lots more i think after theses threee years with many more skills under my belt i have alot more to offer an employer and also feel confident enough to work in the it arena as a full time job under a company which three yaers ago i would have solely thought writing would have been my sole income .
So dont get upset if all you try doesnt benefit your income you hae still gained vast new knowledge and skills you can teach yourself a career im sure .

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