dillysans homeless report what the government will never write or say or listen to .

For all the people needing shelter asap..... and all the services and people ignoring you -

Go straight to the recommendations for fixing the problem -

A real report with real information and the failings of the government and society to the homeless writing by a young adult who is thankful enough to be able to help bring awareness to these homeless couples out there .

 -includes three initiatives providing a long term solution and short term solution to homelessness in the uncatered 25- 50 couples group who have no disability or children also the over 18 year old single females who are not deemed venerable and left on the streets .

- covers re legislation of the intentionally and unintentionally homeless  definitions and appropriate use .

-substance abuse and homelessness creating dependencies and mental health issues .
- how an individual can help a homeless person
-What steps the government need to take next
-The real reason for homelessness the rent in advance deposit scandal that's all that's the problem why cant the government fix it here's a solution

There is two groups of homeless the ones that manage to get by and the ones who are blatantly homeless that we walk by the majority of homeless people you could never tell they hide it so well ,these are the problems they face.

1- pompous people passing judgement on the pitiful amount of change they give , sanctimonious self serving charity , my view is who are we to decide what the money we give goes on a man homeless with nothing but cider to warm him up I've he spends my quid on it I'm happy he didn't get colder begging for an extra hour  to get it .
2-Being drunk or drug addicted-Well duh! thousands of conservatives walk past them everyday while they sleep in a doorway , seriously I've that was me i would have no faith in humanity and i would drink to feel numb to, how can a person seriously be forced to live on the streets  and people not expect them to need something to lean on , the substances  replace society responsibility's for them and let everyone feel better about why they are there because their drunks, where in fact allot had family issues from a young age and after being homeless sort dependencies ,if they had been taken of the street's the dependencies would have never developed .
3- You think if i let a homeless in they're going to rob all my belongings .

- well actually no ,they are people to and a shower and a plate of food and someone just to ask them if there okay that night is all they actually need i mean its actually disgusting that a person with a spare room ever walks past a homeless person  without offering a spare bed  even just for a emergency period of two to three nights with Internet access phone and a persons help they could get into a shelter from your home and not back onto the streets let alone feed them u as much as you can as there often malnourished you should always think of that this may be all there getting for a long time while you ca go shopping again tomorrow and pay on your card , they will have no loan or credit facility or job  so do it the once .
-Wash their clothes get them new ones at a cost off 100 for a couple in winter coats and shoes etc and if your a homeowners that is a easily affordable amount to find be it cutting your own spending for a week or to to help the welfare of two people for a whole winter it just doesn't seem comparable does it.
-If you are in a position to offer long term accommodation and allow them to claim job seekers and accept a minimal rent to allow them on their feet that would get them into a property the greatest and unbeatable thing to do is pay for a deposit ad their first months rent , it could be 650 or it could be 1500 depending n the area but yet again i could get that on a card and pay back a minimal fee while it wouldn't effect my general living standard sparing 1500 there lives would be dramatically effected there health would improve their mental state and there stability and chances of employment and family reconnection and growth .

There are another group of homeless people which are sofa surfers and they are getting younger with children being effected by social issues and quick money  mentality, their is a greater need for independence within the youth today they feel often to restricted and leave home cutting ties finding themselves going from friends to acquaintances houses basically anywhere so there not on the streets ,the councils need to make a provision for this group as it will be the fastest growing .

What needs to be done to solve the problem -

1- A register of  homeowners willing t rent a room at a reduced rate to homeless couples aged over 25 - 50  with deposit guarantee backed by the government no matter if homeless intentionality or not .

2-A network of supported housing which is self referral no matter if the Young person is deemed venerable by the local authority a guaranteed place to 17 year old to 25 year old who are eligible for housing benefit and a income related benefit .
Re-legislate so all people homeless are deemed as vulnerable .
Guarantee temporary accommodation with yourselves or private sector to all those couples aged 25 above who are in receipt of state awarded benefit or would be eligible if helped to claim , the money to rehouse a intentionally or not intentionally homeless person is 1500 a couple they wold pay it back like a crisis loan as that would be there collateral .

It is pretty stupid really that homelessness exists all because of a thing called deposit and rent in advance , people that will qualify for benefits and are homeless should have the government pay the amount straight at the beginning and then deduct the sum over a period from their benefits at a good rate allowing them to be housed and not rack up nhs costs for the housing police costs and criminal behaviour they are forced into like theft  and shoplifting  so much is spent punishing the vulnerable in courts  why not just use to rehouse them allow them the right benefits and help them back into life and society . How can  a homeless person living on seventy pounds a week job seekers if he gets that be able to cut his spending every week cnsistenetly At a rate of 20.00 it would still take him 3 + months to even just raise the rent and then then deposit another 3 months i mean its just ridiculous how can someone who lives on the street be sanctioned to live on less than the government says is legally needed for 6 months there is obvious no way out of it for the homeless individual as every time i had enough money i would use a hostel or cheap hotel even for a night or two a week if i could but they are then left with no food or money to even stay warm using the transport system.

The real joke is that everyone deems them as someone Else's responsibility but what about the people without networks and family support it can be hard to believe but from 17- some kids do not have one living relative alive r in contact or even willing ti help so what happens to them because f a failed parent or social system the teenager is left there to survive that is what are tax should be used for the fact that we pay for road maintenance and everything else is absolutely disgusting a percentage should go in to reintroduction to accommodation fee at  fraction of the cost it takes to run and setup all the homeless charities that basically act as a advice portal with no actual direct access to accommodation allowing the homeless person to yet again find services which they cannot get themselve.

Legislative homelessness-

The  worst thing about the laws around helping the homeless into accommodation is that there is a small bastard technicality's which sees hundred of people with no cash or place to go leaving housing officers in floods of tears with ridiculous words sorry your not vulnerable and you have no kids so we have no obligation to help you .This is a joke now let me just make this crystal f++++++kn clear a single female who was not homeless but now sleeps on the street is vulnerable , A man who is 25 who has no contact with his family and has lost his home and job he is vulnerable - Everyone who is homeless is vulnerable . i dont understand how another human that does not live in their conditions specify to which people can basically survive on the streets and which cant based on legislation created by twats who have silver spoons up there arses, how the hell does a little stuck p housing officer at a council  no what happens to a man or a female who are homeless when they leave she could be raped the same night  that she was refused accommodation based on the fat she wasn't ill or vulnerable.That night the single 25 homeless man could be sleeping in a doorway get attacked and set on fire in his sleeping bag  that is the seriousness of homelessness then the general margin it gives for women to be abused  and introduction  to vice ad drugs .

They are vulnerable as after being refused help ,  if they physically don't want  be on the streets for six months until they can get a deposit for a bedsit or  room they have to turn to crime , like theft shoplifting burglary  muggins example , if you have ever seen a 5 stone female grab a purse and run in her trainers with holes on like her life depended on it it probably did , but as someone lost out  by her taking the  cash so  shell be punished with courts and police when pure starvation thirst and need for somewhere safe and warm overtakes  and makes her act out like that in pure primal survival mode ..These are government forced  criminals .

Intentionally homeless unintentionally homeless

The other joke of the housing system is your on the streets but you where intentionally homeless so we don't have to help , AAAh makes me want to scream  the situation has arisen , which road you took to get there  doesn't matter you arrive at the same destination which is exactly like homelessness, The government see rent arrears  as a reason people make themselves intentionally homeless when often there is a prolonged hard battle for the tenant to keep occupancy be it exhausting all there available finance i have seen people flip 9 payday loans month to pay of  a council rent bill  as they had offered a ultimatum basically pay r lose your council home with no option for rehousing , even though the tenant had lived there for 13 years with a debt outstanding of 2500 that's all  and based on the fact they are given affordable social housing based on the means and eligibility the council already now they have no access to funds of that amount in any way so asking them to pay it in one go will just create a constant monthly struggle too pay them while they pay beck what they owed them to company's like provident and payday loans.

What must happen immediately-

1- Someone buy the government a accountant  asap-

 Government spending need to be looked at in this sector all the resources spent on projects, initiatives and all that other bullcrapp , including higher nhs cost per each homeless person compared to a person with a fixed residence , higher policing costs- if only called out to move them on is a endless waste of police time , court costs with minor repetitive crimes like shoplifting breech of the peace etc and drug offences , prostitution is  mainly related to homelessness  and a drug dependency developed while on the streets ,  direct crimes done to survive .

Root cause of all above expenditure = homelessness

One of cost to end two individuals homelessness -£1500/ with floating support for a month introductory period helping  them access benefits and get documents and id required that they may not have . £2500
One of cost to end a single over 25 individual homelessness=£700   /with one month floating support to help setup bank account benefit get birth certificate example on a certified volunteer scheme £1000

2.The various portals of homelessness information need to be put into one resource with direct access by the homeless individual or couples .

3. All homeless couples in the UK aged over 25 will qualify for a rent in advance and deposit  that will be deducted out of there weekly state awarded benefit ,people act as the homeless have no collateral but benefits are an entitlement as long as you meet the criteria so its their money which can be loaned against for example the government do it in crisis loans and this is by far the biggest crisis there is .

4. Realise that resources outreach support groups don't fix the Root cause and fixing the root cause will stop thee having to be initiatives and homeless organisations that deal with dependency , mental health , physical health on the streets etc they wont be needed because homelessness wouldn't be an issue in the UK anymore once the current sufferers of theses issues who have already been homeless are supported and  are integrated back into society there will be no new people to take their place saving millions every year.

What can you do as a individual immediately  -

Don't stand by and watch act  , please for once where the other shoe , life is full of surprises some good but some really bad and you never no how much your situation could change in the space of a day or two  just one action could flip life as you know it that's like all homeless people events gradually lead up to stuff with one small event creating a unfix able butterfly effect .
Please hold out your hand to another human .
-Fund raise on there behalf then one day approach them with an envelope .

-Ask for accommodation or local jobs that may be cash in hand for them if they get an interview give them a meal and somewhere to clean up maybe borrow them some clothes a job can fix there situation even if you just let them use you as a care of address so they can work as employers are often dodgy about employing the homeless as they think they aren't stable in the long run may just disappear while on the contrary they are the best workers you will find they need the work and work harder to keep it as for them its normally along awaited lifelong that they would be stupid o throw away

-Collect clothes old furniture and all sorts of belonging people may need then list them to homeless people who have found accommodation or sell them on eBay and then give the money directly to a homeless couple .

If you live on a road where everyone knows threes a homeless man there and he has been there along time that people just expect to see him know then he has been there too long how would like to feel invisible because you had o wear to wash your hair or clothes and everyone lost interest when you weren't all shiny and new.
-If you feel awkward or unsettled go along with your brother , husband etc offer him maybe a meal once a week or twice a week  I'm sure you could manage all seven days of the week if the individual is severly underweight as he obviously needs it you could prepare extra portion along with your family's dinner and then take it along hot to him before you all eat  seven days and a quid or two ingredients here there its not going to kill us in out warm house's

is it really .

-Whenever you see them give them your change seriously i dont ever have change left if i see a homeless guy.  Its like I've seen a guy beg for £1 outside a well known train station in central London . that's less than a coffee the majority of people on the underground would buy in that morning , i thought shit not one person would substitute a coffee for a man to get something to eat be it just a chocolate bar and some crisps or a portion of chips , i also thought Perle that live locally could easily spare a few quid offer him a baguette or something fancy they eat but they where the worst , its always people that are broke themselves that find something from nothing to give to the homeless guy .Sometimes if see them i give them my bus pass or travel card Ive Ive finished you should do that as they can then ride the transport system and if it rains they can get dry its a great gift to homeless
people always save your one day travel card or bus pass till you see a homeless person .

McDonald's - forever and ever have they sent buy one get one free coupons to me so if you get your normal meal instead of being a pig and munching too give the homeless guy one it was free all you did was facilitate it i even do this at supermarkets i see a pack of biscuits like 60p buy one get one free i give one to my local homeless guy even if you are broke you can help a homeless person  so just be inventive and stop .


1- If the highstreet contains a local known homeless man /couple all shops in the high street should donate say 45 each to a fund to go to them as the cost that will be incurred in constantly moving them on , and a nicer effect on the high street will encourage spending as its pr oven homeless peole deter customers from going in sometimes to snobbish shops , so shop owners would get more customers and the homeless people would be rehoused with the money so it was a peacefully good for everyone solution that needed no police or outside services intervention , 35 pounds a shop is very small and if they sleep outside your shop or sit there in the day then 35 pounds for them to leave happily isn't much you both win .

Food shops and independent bakers etc delis-

1-Never throw your stuff away pack it into your car at the end of work drive for half an hour really looking out well and you ll come back with nothing left to bin its as simple as that when you have food to give away you'll be surprised all of a sudden how many people you can actually See in need .If you make your own , you will have to make fresh daily for most anyway so why waste your great cooking as its the end o f the day just Even twice a week take all your items to be binned to the homeless.

Employers -
-Should offer more positions to people who have no bank account and things like that as lots of homeless people have no fixed address to get a bank account anyway .
-Offer to pay them daily or three daily fro the first month as it will allow them to get into accommodation all be it a hostel but somewhere until there next full pay n the monthly rota where they can get into a permanent accommodation .

Police -
When you stop and get donuts kebabs and all that greasy stuff then buy them some too also drop them somewhere to save them a walk ,do something!  refer wherever you can it may be time lengthy or a long shot but any referral youcan make on there behalf could get them into accommodation .Take them to a housing association and see if they will accept them based on your referal , might may exceptions with your authority .


Do your jobs for once train people properly re-legislate re -budget and get some compassion , seriously the emergency sector of housing is the worst  abuse of authority I've ever seen idiots with no real speciality just government provided training for like a year or something its bull my friend was a housing officer immediately as soon as she started she had to start refusing temporary accommodation she didnt know how to handle it and left as it was just such a shocking way to deal with people .

Guarantee temporary accommodation with yourselves or private sector to all those couples aged 25 above who are in receipt of state awawrded benefit or would be eligible if helped to claim , the money to rehouse a intentionally r not intentionally homeless person is 1500 a couple they wold pay it back like a crisis loan as that would be there collateral .

- Re-legislate so all people homeless are deemed as vulnerable

I'll uncross it when they give me some faith in them.

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