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paypal new review add your story dont get burned read first

Paypal the review -

As opaque as  a black wall, I really have to say paypal have little if any transparency they are very underhanded and unclear who and how they themselves are regulated .There is lack of a complaints division allowing them to keep loads of unreclaimed moey that they have held awaiting bank information or verification documents all uploaded through a dashboard which has no way of making sure it isnt stolen .
The id verification checks are those of a verified bank would ask not a online payment terminal , i feel that the pure fact they have a monopoly on the market gives them the righ to demand illegal documentation from you as you feel obliged as you need a paypal account for alot of thingds online theyhavebecome the mainstream and then held you at ransom knowing that the internet becomes a much colder place withouta paypal account to receive payments for all yourwork online .

The need to be regulated here in uk if we have accounts here then our money should be protected oline or not jurisdiction of head offices is no reason for 100 of thousands of people to getrobbed daily by having there payments held .

Oversaturation and international support.

Ebay has grown so rapidly and with the aquirement of paypal has all of us at ransom with gumtree being purchased and more without knowing it there in every aspect of oline selling and ying which will make them profit but the consumer lose more than they ever thought. With the popularity of paypal merchants need to use them as not to lose usiness and keep competitive but this ives payapal even more legitimacy the cmmpanys that care about there customers should offer a different pyment option that adds safety to te consumers purchase .Ormake it clear they wont use paypal as they lack consumer reliability .

Appeal process -
Abismal , one of the worst appeal and dispute resolution systems ive seen  in my life with no concept of personal circumstance personal loss or hardship they can for months at a time hold a companys full 3 month profit often with medium or small businesses allows them no financial gain as ll they have s stock theysold  which thy need to restock but paypl have deemed there use unsafe and can hold it for nearly a year , what other company based on one trasaction can then take hold of your assets without due ntice or relevant informtion and compensation not even a company can they have to garnish wages by court order these uys dont ever get the lawyers involved .

As in the terms and agreements they d state there omnipotence over your ccount right to freee so on , but the sheer lack of helpp and support to make your case to get your money back  in a time that wont ruin your business or have you evicted is what makes it a scam .

The money being held n accounts i have personally lost loads is never mde clear to the owner wht it is doing , they say it is being held but that money in tht time should earn interest so whats happening with it where does ll the interest go

There eabsolutele reliance that you will give up and theyll retaain funds?

I cant help but feel that a compnsny tht wants to piss youo ff and ruin your life over one dodgy feedback or a dispute agaist your perfect record up till then wouldnt be on yourside after all the fees tyou have paid off every item you sod they got a commission and now they makke it impossible to retain your funds from them , so many people have just laft it accounts with 200 quid in accounts with 1000 in they just cant be arsed anymore .

Bad selling ractices-
Gambling when you purchase nothing is ever promised or garenteed is how i tend to thing of it for savig a few quid peple shop there whereas id rather use a major merchant directly instead  who actually has the stock , the stock on enay is all presumed a seller ays they have it you pay they take the oney and no item whoohoo easiest scam in the book.
They allo sellers to be verified without  personally visit and inventory or stock take .isbn numbers serial numbers should be a must in each listing but its nt so people are allowed tosel stolen goods with there umbrella allowing it.
Why isnt imend used to check before your allowed to list and electriical product they should chare a 2 fee for the check and then if its clear you auction will go live its much greater protection .

The use of prepaid bank accounts or credit cards in fake names being used by sellers to sell iphones and so on which either dont appear after they take there last payment on there auction bank the money before anyone complains the item hasnt arrived and then just opens a new account the same way to do the same again .

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