Todays jobboard-Get paid to sign up to cashle/pointstoshop plus th bonus 2.50 they give you

Tasks for you to do today-
1.Sign up to the site cashle under this link you must be uk or us member ,
Todays task pays $0.40


 1.Sign up for the site cashle under the link
2.You must be a new account holder , enter a valid email and complete the profile demographic section
3.One offer must be completed which is free for you to be paid.
When completed what to do next ?

1.Once complete fill out the form I will check the username  you provide and check you have fulfilled the requirements .
2.I pay by paypal only
3.I email back after 2 hours so choose a instant crediting offer then I can pay you quicker .
To accept this you need to have a paypal account , and by submitting the form below are agreeing the above.






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