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zip nada zilch

Hey everyone im sorry theres been a break in the content but you know how it is health and all that bad stuff intercepted my progress as usual but today i started again with a bounce in my step , well my boyfreinds family actuallty told me about this one so i thought id give it a try and write now im in trhe middle stages so ithought id let you know my newest technique from scratch.
I joined one site called zipnadazilch and then spent about three dollars doing enough offers to get 0.50 credits i then referred a mate and they had to do the same i then earned 20 dollars so together we both spent three dollars and i got 20 back , my mate then got a mate to do the same his mate spent three dollars and ge got 20 , so get as many mates as you can to spend about threed ollars if your uk like myself its only about 1.50 so its great.Ive got my refs and theyve done there offers it takes a while to credit some offers so im now just waiting for my status to change if you want to join in with my j…