Payday loans that accept bad/terrible credit /ccjs/and defaults instant decision same day cash lenders .

Need a payday loan but not sure if youll get accepted theses all have high acceptance rates for bad creedit even if youve been declined elsewhere give these a try and one will atleast approve you .

Quikquid - Is a longstanding payday lender which has a great reputation  ive used them many times before and love the transparwency , they allow rollovers at a good rate compared to other lenders also . Very high acceptance rate  with terrible credit my top choice to try first .

                                                              - minimium income 500 monthly needed
                                                              - terrible credit accepted

Pounds to pocket offer 12 month loans upto £2000 - they set up monthly fixed repayments and you get the money today - very high acceptance rate .

- Over 18
-minimum £500 monthly income
-debit card needed for repayments
-terrible credit accepted

Payday uk

A great company that are brilliant to deal with have used them on about six to seven occasions  with no problems have rolled over a few times and had loans of up to £470 with terrible credit .

Over 18
                                                                        Debit card needed
                                                                         £80 minimum loan
                                                                                Great for terrible credit
                                                                                              Even accepts if youve had ccjs

Payday bank

A totally online run loan facility  , it is fast and very transparent with a ever growing customer base , they accept bad credit and have very few requirements to get the money in ten minutes to your account .

-Over 18
-bad credit ok /ccjs okay
-debit card needed for repayments
-Minimum £750 income monthly needed
 You should get one of the above to approve you a loan so i hope this has helped ive used them all before and there the ones i recommend unlike wonga and others which i dont trust as lenders anymore through experience with them .

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