The cex vs cashconverters review whos the best who will you give you more cash

CEX  REVIEW .  vs Cashconverters

Well if your into i.t and gaming you'll already be very familiar with the first shop I'm going to review CEX it has various stores but no direct phone number . Here's my experience -

I took every piece of id i had there  i had checked on line through their site the id requirements to sell to them before taking the trip in the first place ,but low and behold i was met with a piece of paper sellotaped very messily to a desk saying that was the only id they accepted which was of course not the same as the one on line , i had to produce a bank statement instead which i really feel uncomfortable about the fact that my statement was held on the counter while he slowly wrote numbers down of it i could see chavs over my shoulder trying to  peek it was all veryunsecure , i had no way of knowing if the staff could have accessed any information from my account again once i had left the store  .
once i had my account setup done and received my little red barcoded keyring  the real fun began (the yawning frustrating kind of one ).My server was a mess seriously unprofessional he had no interpersonal skills and simply treated me as if he was doing me a favour , he hardly even looked up at me , he took my goods and then told me testing times and gave me a receipt to come back , the testing times displayed in the shop where minuscule compared to the real waiting time they give you , so Ive you are travelling from a different area as you have no local store then be aware you may need to hang around the city centre for p to 2 hours and then your good may even fail the testing or get radically downgraded  offering you less after testing tha before .
Okay you've waited a ridiculous amount of time and they've said you passed , i was actually shocked that my item passed because i just thought they would try and find a fault to make a cheaper offer to me but actually to  my surprise they had upgraded the condition of my item and offered me slightly more , the item was offered exchange for about 40 quid and cash about 35 think which was the highest price i would have got for the item even using eBay as that could incur fee costs paypal cost , dodgy buyer charge backs so you actually lose your item and they take the amount of your credit card that's why i thought about testing these shops out as they take that risk away  instantly .
I went to leave and took note of the average prices in store which they make a massive profit on  i was shocked at some of the markup's seeing them offer someone cash for an item and a similar one on sale for nearly two and half times the amount offered which is seriously just robbing from the poor .
The good  things I found out  -
The actual shop and the others I've visited to purchase games  and hard drives etc have been okay as Ive never wanted to sell so have just appreciated i can take back a game and add a a few quid an d get a new one that's how i knew about it probably like most other gamers out there .As a seller its not quite the same experience but i will say for my item they gave me a good price and it was realistic they did test my items and pass them so they would be able to qualify for a guarantee when a new customer buys it which is commendable .

Customer service and employees -
On fairness the shop does have a individual style but i think for me their underestimating how tidy the geeks of today are and i didn't appreciate the stores just whole doesnt look lke a business at all everyone looks untidy , like they needed a bath i would never See that in another shop it just somehow unsettles you .There was a strong odour and it did smell like body odour also the floors looked like they had never been cleaned  it just felt all brick and brack , there is a small hub in the cex store layouts where all the employees are based  they just talk among themselves and collectively look like a  bunch of strays no one else would employ .

Advice when using cex-
1.Get a quote for your item before you go in as the have a database with prices they go by  to  if its too low sell your item on eBay .
2.Take id , utility bill and a passport  or driving license If your married recently take your marriage certificate aswell just in case so you don't have to make two visits .
3. Pre plan something to do while you have to wait for your item to be  tested
4.accept a reasonable price , or exchange it if theirs and item in their tat you can sell on to a mate or someone for more even on eBay .

Read on for review of cash converters and my table of guide prices that you will realistically be offered from both .


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