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Blogger as a start up business platform -Blogger real people , Real blogs ,Real income

Blogger as a writing platform for newbies in the freelance worlds , a great way to make a name and a brand with free hosting until you build your biog to the point of private hosting more problems but more money no doubt .

Blogger , real people , real blogs , real income -

Synonymous with great blogs written by real people with real experience there is nowhere on the web like it and its all free . After researching some of the best blogger blogs out there most great blogger blogs grew organically from a personal interest or a persons passion that they just had to express to someone . They thought no one was listening but hit  a niche market and found their weird off topics actually got hits quicker than the mainstream blogs as the had less competition .

Most blogs then kept their article directory up to to date posting daily or at least bi weekly , within 6 months to ten the traffic becomes an organic flow of traffic which will self sustain itself .
A t this point of traffic sources  …