Blogger as a start up business platform -Blogger real people , Real blogs ,Real income

Blogger as a writing platform for newbies in the freelance worlds , a great way to make a name and a brand with free hosting until you build your biog to the point of private hosting more problems but more money no doubt .

Blogger , real people , real blogs , real income -

  • Synonymous with great blogs written by real people with real experience there is nowhere on the web like it and its all free .
After researching some of the best blogger blogs out there most great blogger blogs grew organically from a personal interest or a persons passion that they just had to express to someone . They thought no one was listening but hit  a niche market and found their weird off topics actually got hits quicker than the mainstream blogs as the had less competition .

  • Most blogs then kept their article directory up to to date posting daily or at least bi weekly , within 6 months to ten the traffic becomes an organic flow of traffic which will self sustain itself .

  • A t this point of traffic sources  are easily available li8ke back linking to higher pr sites which really will take your blog to another level .,

  • Once you have a article base of 500  posts at least its time to get ad sense involved , with  a monthly 5000 visitors minimum you'll see slow results at first but then you'll see a spurt inn ctr as goggle target advertises the ads to fit your audience allowing more to  click through as they have a natural interest .

  • At this point go viral -

  • Don't stay dormant or reach a traffic plateau where you hit a wall in earnings you cant exceed . publicity can take a blog and make it a mainstream resource that people cant live without , so invade at all times be it forums , viral competitions or just your own team willing to act the fool on camera to get you the extra hits  as  a one time visit can turn in o a regular reader which is what you need .

Buy your brand blog name (protect your blog like you would your house )

  • Legalise your intellectual property its all worth cash and people will steal it on line and you ll find it on other blogs and sites I've seen it so many times before with my own work so you need to get protected so any infringements on your work you get compensated for  most people don't but regret it later if they see there slogan on t shirts or mugs when you are entitled to royalties you wont get .

Good luck be success full , write as much as you can , be different In your approach and understand your audience .
Market and develop like your running a company and never forget it is only what you put in .

There is no reason a person with a passion in any topic cant successfully male a blog that earns them enough in ad sense and sponsorship to pay the rent it may take longer without a budget for advertising but if the content is good enough people will find you and read what you write .

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