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The trades that are allowed in our ref chat are -

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Offering some post space for avertising can it be profitable im going to try and find out.

Well i've tried my best to add my blog  to bidvertiser all that but i want sponsors real stayingpower and legitimate products to promote thats why im accepting sponsorship at the moment and am willing to have some partners come on to the blog if interested you know where to write.

Chat rooms used to be a way of gaining valuble insight an untapped human resources ,its now full of sexual devients preying n eachother im steering clear -

Well I was shocked yesterday so you no me I blog about it , I went into a chat room yesterday I wont name it because I dont want to get sued this week lol, but I asked if any one in there wrote blogs and if any one would consider donating there talents doing a guest post that kind of thing , i was confronted with perverts trying to PM me on the chat site which i blocked immediately then the chat went to something i can only say your nan would not be proud of , i was totally shocked ,the site i was asking for help on is a members fundraising site which allows them all to donate whatever they can and then in times of need we all vote and the money in the pot gets distributed to people that need it the most , mainly people with health issues or unemployment come there when no else will help I was told to basically f off that I would steal there emails I mean are they serious you cant even sign up to my other site I take members by request who email me I do not email them ever I hate spamming , then they all started to insult people with cancer and why the resource was there , I mean I know the internet gives you some kind of anonymity but to use it to just to put down something that someones trying to make to help people , I really thought a couple of people would have said hey ,but they all carried on which actually made me furious , imagine a poor woman with cancer went into that chatroom at the time she would be devastated with the things they where saying I just think its shameful really they would never say any of that if you were in front of them because they know its so wrong I think you should be able to prosecute over some comments said on the internet to you personally because its still a crime they say absolutely vulgar things and if a man in the street ever said that to me id call the police straight away and he would be charged with a sexual harrassment in public or worse depending on what he said ,I think that if you go to a chat room you realise how f,,,,ked up this internet generation is ,chatrooms are like the internets university loads of prats away from home thinking no ones will have a clue what there up to i think its time they remove no registration from every chatroom . p.s i would never let my child go on chatrooms from what i saw the room was full of paedophiles and men trying to pursuede younger people to chat some even had chat names like oldman for young girl and the fact that even in the lobby the content instantly became graphic the child would be still taking that content in I think its such a bad idea to even have a webcam if you have kids im 24 and when I have a child seriously she will never be allowed alone with a computer its such a risk .

Bingo Liner new no deposit bonus no Credit card needed is a gaming site and it is free to sign -up !
Hi everyone well as you all know I love me a good bingo no deposit bonus and I found out about Bingoliner having a £20.00 no deposit offer so I just had to share it . -

You can use the bonus on bingo and slots which is very unusual ,normally it will just be wagered through on bingo games making it harder to win but this gives you a much better shot of taking home some winnings.

The kind of games they include are slots keno, roulette and so on, a collection of great jackpots to ,so get your teeth stuck in to them .There are bonuses and loyalty rewards a plenty on this site with second to none customer service ive always been happy with this casino and their payout time to so I would happily recommend .
The referral scheme is amazing $5.00 for any members you send to sign up then $75 dollars anyone that deposits its amazing .

Come by guys and collect your amazing 20 no deposit with no credit card needed -

My make money diary: anno --virtual method continued

My make money diary: anno --virtual method continued

Startup questions - you may ask -Anno1777inviteme- last part virtual millionaire

1- Ive purchased my company how do I make my product ?
Okay great youve bought your company license and tools of production and your stocks to make your product the license wil tell you exactly how much you need ,now you need to go to the section workplaces ,
once in the workplace section youll see one workplace which came with the comapny in the box next to it add the amount per hour youll pay set about 60 to a 1.00 then click the green tick it will say your action was successfully done. If a message comes up about aur and your comapny balance being to low it just means that you will have to go to the finncial section in your company and then invest 1 gold it will be instant from your personal balance into your company , now sell th gold for local currency its all on the same page in the financial tab of your company.once your company account has enough wages go back and click the green tick itwill say succesfully done this time and your products have ow started to be produced.Anno1777inviteme
2- I cant make enough product the stocks are gone-
Okay as a company you can buy in gold so if desperate and have no trade comany to source your product then travel to differebt region and ourchase from the game fund can be expensive but will allow you to carry on manufacturing.
3- What does create new workspace do shall i do it is it worth it ?
Well this cost one euro and its literally allowing you to have another paid worker toproduce your good s now in companies like meat its very important as to get enough stock to sell and produce of meat and leather there is great compettion for the stock so you need as many workers who can produce the most stock for you to sell on i would suggest about 40 -60 meatworkplaces ,10 grapes.10 restruants,10 for banks and lotteries .Anno1777inviteme

4- My company has 6 gold in it why cant i spend it for my things in game ?
Both are very seperate your personal cash and your business cash , the key is that once you get 10 gold you can withdraw from your company and add it to your real balance or withdraw to moneybookers.
1st picture is your buisness cash second is ypur personal cash you can withdraw the euros are what you can withdraw into moneybookers bank account alertpay and so on.Anno1777inviteme
5- Can i sell a company its not working out ?
Sure anno is all about selling and trust me someone will buy it for the right price.
6- I own shares what for ?
Well you can sll them if you like the game sells one hundred of your shares and you get 900 to sell wait until your companie grows in profit and its marketgold goes up then you can sell your shares at upto 50 or more gold even from there strating price 0.1 gold .
7- Ive ran out of cash but need to do some stuff?
No problem just work for a minimum of five days then travel to romania in game where there are a few banks and take loan it will give you an amount based on yor worked days so the more worked days the bigger the loan amount will be , you can choose a 5 day 10 day 15 day or 20 day loan and the loan is repaisd form your balance if at the time of repayment the balance is to low it will become negetive and then as you work the debt will be repaid from wages .Anno1777inviteme
8- How do i see how many slaves i have i cant find them ?
Okay go to the fight section where youll see a list of people you can fight now on the top of that page theres a section saying slaves click that and youll see all your unblocked blocked and permanent slaves .
9-I dont have any of that currency in my business but i want to buy stock in a different country.
Well you can only buy stock in the currency you opened the companiy or in gold through game funds or trade companies
10- I cant open any more branches why ,other peole have lots of branches ?
okay this all depends on your citizenship for example uk has no regions only a capital city london so you may only open one branch , but if your from netherlands antilles with over 4 regions you would be able to open 4 branches . If your in a countrywhere you cant open branches change citizenship to a country open a new company there and then open all your branches in different regions.16 February 2012
What next ?
well see whats the companie working the best for you and grow it ,people do earn 1000 euros every couple of days as they have been playing years but its great and even a newbie can see 500 euro easily a month if setup right.
Hope eveyone finds this useful.and if you need any questions answered ill do my best to give you an indepth helpful answer.happy money making gaming .Anno1777inviteme

anno --virtual method continued

The quick bits before you invest Raw materials information- okay Anno 1777 is dependent on the raw materials meat leather cotton wood iron paper , all the companies run off these stocks so they are very precious while great to get into as theres assured profit, there are downfalls newbies will face i want to stop that heres how-the truth is that the game has alot of monoploys where one owner has all the companies and so many workplaces that they can produce all the stocks before you start to even get a worker so then you'll have a meat company with no stock so worth nothing for the month to be up there in leather production as it is the most profitable item you will need to add atleast 40 to 60 work spaces at 1 euro each and allow a high wage for the days the stocks replenesh and everyone is trying to grab as much as they can before it goes youll need 10 euros in wages in the account just so you never have production stopped-i must stress this only applys to raw material companies not trade or banks or wine as they are all products so you dont need to produce your own stock to sell so there profitable without having to invest so much but when you have a really successful meat and leather business youll get huge profits compared to the investment . insider secret dont get burned make sure you invest the right amount at the righttime withmeat comapnies. Anno1777inviteme
Bank- My top choice one off investment then runs itself. *****
This is my top choice in Anno1777 you can earn cash pretty quickly you can offer loans and accounts which allow a players in game currency to grow interest which you oth keep a percentage of. Ifyou are starting a bank it would be good if you had a bit morethan 50 euros to set up the bank as ypull need to pay wirkers.As soon as youcan get loans uo and running and curret accounts the cash wil roll in try and open a bank in a country that has not to much competition yu want a monopoly as it will allow you rapid growth to then build on the companies you own .
Please be aware to function as a bank you need to produce bank receipts slips so i would suggest buying a licesnce for 1 euro and a bank reveict tools of production for about 6 gold on the market and about 1-2 euro if you buy directly off game not another player.
Meat andleather production -and trade companie-Anno1777inviteme
Well this is different probably havent seen this mix but here it goes you buy a meat company for 10 euros and then pay your workers to produce leather and meat you then sell on to the market at a price of 0.001 gold or if in your locam curency 0.1 pence then purchase all your produced stocks yourself at the bargain price. As the months go on the stocks will reduce and the meat and leather go up in dramatic value you will see that you can easily export your produced leather through your trade comaapnie at about 0.34- 35 gold per sm leather or kg meat which is amazing profit .Remember 5 gold is a euro .
 Lottery production - Anno1777inviteme
A brilliant way to get quick cash and have some fun injected in the game right now id say the hothead of the lotteries are romania they have sufficient amounts runnng daily whereas some countries lack even one .These are a sure fire way to make great cash offer a prize of 1 gold and charge tickets at 0.10 gold enough will enter to cover the prize the leftover is instant profit .I would advise you offer big rizes to get your lottery well known and to get repeat business.
Wine production -
it costs 10 euros and you need a 1 euro license and a wine tools of production that you can bu for 55-10 gols from the game fund ,wine adds wellness eveyday so if you keep ypur wine 21 days after production your wine will be 21 wellness points added but they do spoil and become bad wine so to stop stocks being perished do the same as with the meat company and purchase your stock at a cutdown price then import it out to make the cash back.
A magazine is about 2 euros to set up plus a license for a euro and a prodution tool at about 6 gold youll also need paper about 1 golds worth ,this is key to allowing your company to advertise promote yourself away and your deals of the day a great way to tell people about you and get some business.
The key is to get active skaves i like to buy slaves from romania poland, gbp,usa , as there currency is the highest worth on the game the method i use is i invest like three euros and travel to poland and romania check out the blocked slave ,market then buy i then block after ive checked their profile if theyre worth it . which costs 0.13 euros a week but it allows them not tobe attacked or given a new master so i earn solidly of them also if they work there wellness staying high through you blocking them increases their wages allowing you to earn more . Also in some countries on anno your permanent slaves will get you a bonus as will your direct slaves won through battle so always fight abit befor collecting that .
You can sell slaves so if youve blocked one and hes made some cash but not enough sell him still blocked even if its the last day youll make some nice instant gold , you can fight them immediately sell a slave but if someone else fights them before they sll they get the right to sell them so if youwant to fight and sell speed is the key.
The best slaves if you getone are company owners as youll get a percent of there real withdrawn earnings and they can earn 1000 eors a day in some cases so if you have one with a company hold on to them . Anno1777inviteme

Is virtual currency going to make you a millionaire? method intro part one

Anno1777- a guide to opening a company and making an income
Remeber to join you must use a link to sign up as only people that are invited can join .to be instantly invited click here -Anno1777inviteme
First of all what it Anno1777 and what is the point ?
Okay guys let me explain this browser based game which is text based is a replica of the real world financial market and allows you the opputunity to make successful empires that in real life you wouldnt have enough to invest in .
you can cash in on all currencys not just your own i make cash from poland romania ,aaland islands, germany,bahamas etc .Anno1777inviteme
Here are a list of the companies on Anno 1777 you can own and at what cost -the best for newbies as quick profit
Bank- 50 Euros
Wine production -10 Euros Meat and leather production - 10 Euros
Lottery production-10 Euros

sample ref letter - enjoy but adapt not copy

Hi there dillysan members -or guests to our blog enter your refs name here -
First of all let meintroduce mysellf , i was diagnosed with a serious illness three years ago which stopped me being able to work at the office or to finish my university education , at that point i was at a crossroads and with alot of trepidation i decided to make an income instead of relying on state benefits the reason i chose this was as i was diagnosed with a very serious illness i needed to be able to make as much as i could while i could for treatment and living costs while i would be unable to work.The state would have offered me only basic treatment and i would have been constantly filing in forms and just didnt want my life constrained in that way .
So at first like loads of people online i was lost in a sea of websites that offered the world to someone in my situation and like alot of dsperate people im sure i was duped a few times losing the odd £5 here and there to sites that would suddenly dissapearleaving me feeling Stupid and still no money in the bank.But as i reasearched and i actually put hours a day in to actually checking sites for reliability payment proof and a projection of a weekly wage i could earn from each site., i started to discover a few key sites that were actually worth the time and research.
The two sites of the day -
Now the sites i want to tell you about are to average at least £60.00 extra a week and although you can earn alot more as some people have earned up to 66.000 in one year but they are very few and after speaking to the top earners they pay for alot of advertising on google for example up to about a half their income goes on advertising, so dont be mislead when you see people online talkimg about massive earnings alot of its invested money too.

The method you need to follow is completely free, and i want you to no the site im suggesting has many avenues for revenue and you can do others all im showing you is the data entry section of the site as it is constant income ansd you can earn as much as you work i must admit data entry is really boring but these tasks are quick and not to repetative, there will be tasks like categorizing twitter users , and stuff like veryifying sites opening times or address through the internet its really easy and doesnt take any prior experience.Alsothe data entry on this site isnt oversubscribed as not many people use data entry as their main income on this site but for a beginner its a definate way to make a free 60.00 from no onvestment.
The Fact is with this site as long as you have a paypal account youcan get paid by the next dat so if you need an extra£5 for something you really can just log in and earn and have it in paypal by the next day .

Ok heres the link -

Sign up at the site above paste the link in the browser and once you confirm your email your good to go from that point follow this method-

1 go to the earn section - or earning categories
2- Ignore offers and points ,downloads, all those categories you can look into later yourself they will up your earnings a week ill go into it later.
3-Now click the reoccuring tasks section - this will be where you earn your cash per page of data entry.
4-Now you will see a list of available tasks and as your in birmingham you shoukd get a great long list each day as uk get the moat tasks .
5-Now look down and pick a task it will say on the head of the section how much it pays per page so pick a good rate some are as hich as 10p to 12p per page.
6-Do as many as are available
7-If you finish your firast task go back and pick another .
8-Iw ould say do about two hours or even just a hour aday as youll find your own rythm and soon spped through the pages allowing you to earn more per hour you do on the tasks.
9-Youll easily make about 4.50 onhere each day so this is the base of your cash so you must do this step every day.

Step two of the method - the other £4.00
The surveys-
let me explain abit on the internet there are many sites that offer surveys for cash but they often have a approval period which can be two to even four weeks after you complete it which is no way an instant way to make extra cash and also they often take alot of time to complete and are really dull.With the surveys im showing you there are free dasily surveys seven of them which you can complete evryday only once they add up to a total of about 6.00 -6.50 but if youonly do the 1.00 one and four of the others youll make at least 4,50 . The magic about theses are as soon as you complete they credit your balance with the cashno waiting days and days .Also remember you can withdraw your earned cash once you reach 2.00 which youll achieve the first day you join youll also get 50p free for joinig so you only need to do a survey and about three data entry pages and you can withdraw and receive payment the next day.
1-Go to the section under the daily surveys and and start the surveys do the £1.00 one first and then the rest in the list
2- do these all once a day
3- provide real answers and real email as otherwise they wont credit you.

So now with these two sections you have established a daily earning of at least 9.50

Now you can expand on theses earnings daily by doing other paid tasks , there is a offers section where you canget paid for signing up to sites with just your email they pay about 20 pence and there are over 50 available at least a day id say also there are many others klike an average pay of 40p to 60 p for downloading a free game and installing it so if you do a few of these offers theyll eaily up your earnings too.

Ill leave it to you to get signed in and make your first withdrawal , remeber its totally free and no one will ask you for a penny any siteds that charge you to register are a scam and i would also avoid like the plague.

Also as i promised another website i recommend to up your earnings is slice the pie a site thatpays you to review music , you start at a basic salary rate per review but the longer reviews you write the more you eran i have been paid numerous times and am on a base rate of 29p per 40 word review so it works out great. Also they pay by paypal in about three days youll receive the cash so its not instant but if you need the cash in three days this will help . The minimum to withdraw is 10.00 and youll probably get that after about two days if you want to earn more per review be sure to include in your reviews.
-Great spelling
-Musical terms
-comment on tone of the track
-comment on production
-make some recommendations
-add adjectives
-use similies
-Talk about musical arrangement
-Talk about lyrics
Talk about musical accompaniment
-Bass and tone

If you include theses you should get atleast 12 pence a review and like me once you reach 29 pence per review youll be able to make an hourly wake on there doing 30 tracks an hour at 29 pence each it works out great.

I hope this really helps and you start making cash to.ill be able to help you on the site once you join so ill see you there good luck.

Also if this method works for you and you see results would you add a review in my ebay feedback please. Thankyou and i hope you become an online top earner

Casino cash bonuses with no outlay that you can withdraw ive done a few -

Okay now I am a pro in making money of these sites , you will normally find two types of sign up or no deposit casino bonus free bonus money which you have a promotional period to wager through the bonus if you meet the requirements you can then withdraw the remainder as free winnings with no money deposited or risked .Now if you are a novice then you have to read this it really will earn you at least $500 in free winnings if you pick the right casino and stick to the method i use to definitely make the wager and bank out with the max allowed .First of all you might need to register your debit card or bank card to the site to qualify for the bonus but no money will ever be taken without your knowledge some sites just use it to prove your i,d for example your address and age . There are a few rules im going to talk you through so you can't fail and even if you don't manage to make the money back there are backup casinos that offer bonuses but they have larger play through amounts making it harder to withdraw free winnings .
Sign uop to one of theses -

The beginners guide to no deposit free money - (Follow my method exactly and I assure you will be making hundreds of dollars WITH NO CATCH i realised how much you could make so i thought i should share it as every family has been effected by the recession and this extra can money can really help with bills and mortgage repayments so follow the method exactly and you will get richer for nothing once you have used tha casino bonuses available new ones will come out so after your first payouts you can at least earn from a casino once a month as an ongoing income to up your wages . ok lets begin .-

Now the casinos im going to tell you about are all casinos I trust and all legitimate casinos ,i have created a list of best casinos to use as your first three casino no deposit bonuses these three you should at least earn £350 and i have actually banked out 250 just from one so it depends on the promotion they offer and how much winnings they let you keep. so step one sign up with one of these sites - Jackpotcity casino ,prism casino, silver oak . ok have you signed up to one of these with a real player account then lets start by working ou the wagering requirements so you now how much you have to play through before you begin an d you can keep track of how long you have to play through by knowing how much of the wager is left so you bank out the most you can .
Example - silver oak casino -$55 - the wager requirement is 30x- means you have to turn $55 into 1650 then what you make on top is winning .

so step 1 is done you've signed up

Step 2- keeping the money and making the wager requirements -

-now on jackpotcity and the others mentioned you have enough to keep winning this is the method i have created with amazing results

-if your bonus is 50 you will only ever bet with twenty pound of the bonus money if you stay away from certain games like i slots as they will take more before they pay out and stick to a video slot for your first bets pick a game with a bonus round and free spins so you can get better payouts only bet 20p bets never push the bet up as your balance will soon decrease and you will go off track . The known video slots will normally payout a bonus and a good win in about 15 pound you will normally hit the bonus and make it back so stick it out . if you bet 15 and win £24 then you have made 9 and played through $15 so if starting with $55 you know have $64 you can now bet with your $20 dollars on another video slot wager about $15 hit free spins or bonus round and make back 20 , you just made $4 add that to you $9 dollars you've got $13 now this is youre expendable money to bet without losing the bonus money when you roughly make over $15 over the free bonus you just have to repeat the method and if your lucks in your balance will steadily rise and you will be wagering enough to reach the target .

step 3 - Now this is up to you if you want to risk a bit of your own money , if you have made £220 in winnings I would withdraw $200 and say thankyou very much then with the $20 i have remaining i would repeat the method and then that would create steady payouts , you have to remember gam,bling is luck and not just down to average payouts but you can kind of figure out the when it averagelly pays out afer you play for a couple of hours but be aware that you could lose money as a game could take the twenty without a payout so I wouldn't risk the $20 if you don't have any money as you could put that to a bill if you are broke just cash it out .

SO well done if you've followed the steps and lady luck was on your side you've just made free money doesn't it feel sweet , better than a high interest loan a perfect fix to a payday loan just do it a week before you need the money so you can allow it to be deposited in your account by the casino .I don't know what your still doing here now start another one of my great list of three tried and tested.

My top paid research site

Code 3 research this is an internet secret
There is no referral link and i found it to be an industry secret alot of people havent haerd of them so are really missing out .
You must visit site and enter its location based . At the moment there running their projects with payments of oveer 100 a hour face to face session.
There is strict citerioa to meet but youi will qualify for a few , they are posted on the site so you know where to attend the interview and payment you will receive sometimes they pay in amazon vouchers for kids interviews.
Some of the types they run-
Board games discussion and playing - which was held in uxbridge
Baby food bournemouth bournemouth
babyfood testing-bournemouth
gameplay (uxbridge )
double glazing - london

The rewards varied from 100 per family of 2 kids 2 adults
100 per four amazon vouchers

sites that are worth getting refs for if your a newbie hope this helps.

Now i know there are so many around that it feels like a assault course to find the right one, like most other webmasters yopu find at the beginning you may get dodgy affilioates and wont get paid for your work or they get out of paying you obnn little rules which they dont make you aware of the beggining.
In my work i really value transparancy and the fact i can trace a company to an adress a business registration and a site owner incase something happens with payment, I have been affiliating for two years quite successfully and have put this list together so people dont have to spend months wasting time making the typical mistakes that are easy to make as a newbie to a newbie
Well now at first i didnt pay that much attention to this site as sites where you get paid to do offers i normally think is a long term cash option but on this site there is scetion where you can make an hourly income infact with a little onscreen piggy back that shows you as you earn.
Its an insider secret for data entry that pays to paypal per two completed questions ,the section is called reoccurring earnings once your logged inwill tell you waht data entry jobs are available they range fro 20 pence per too pages to sometimes 1.00 the average is 10 pence so its atleast 3.00 a hour and you can cash out to paypal the same time and receive istant payment no waiting for checks. The referral is £1 a person which you can withdraw immediately.

I have been paid multiple times and when in need for a little sky upgrade money this is where i turn ,So i hope they help you could averagean immediate online income of 16.00 a day for 5 hour work so its hard work but you will get paid.and its by paypal and remember with cashle ifyou need a tenner for the next day its your best shot as is instant paypal payments and it also gives youa bonus of 50p just joining up ,whereas slice the pie takes about 3 days and the minimum withdrawal is £10.00 and on cashle its a minimum withdrawal of £1.00.

Setting up an adsense account -

Well noew if your searching for a away to make cash and youve dedicated a bloog or site to it then allocate some ad space and get your site integrated with google ads.If your a newbie then id advise you to check out my post on best free hosting that has adsense integration post much easier for starters.
If you use for example as your primary site you would then choose an advertising block for your site , i would suggest dont overload your site with ads as people wont keep revisiting ,i would have a ratio of 85% worthwhile content and about 15% advertising space.
-Once adsense is registered and linked to your blog your good to go and get earning of your ads and content.
The benefits of adsense that it naturally makes you cash of organic traffic the best kind also the adverts shown have arelevance to tyour site so have a hiher conversion rate.
One big tip-
Google do not mess about when it comes to terms and conditions so i would make sure you stick to the rules as google dont advertise on certain sites like x rated and some other topics.
Never click your own ads its fradulent and they will know and will probably result in your account being closed.
Clickbombing- nasty competetors do this to try and lose you your google account if the ads are clicked a crazy amount of times it looks fraudulent if you see a case of this notify google first and theyll understand but if they discover it later youi could be answering some questions

Unskilled im untrained in it dont know where to begin i do sureys ,what next ? How to make instant paypal money the same day using two sites-

Well i love the internet now but i use to be fustrated and annoyed i often found that there where so many sites available to make money on that i couldnt chose, so like everyone i put my fingers in all the pies which was my first mistake ill explain that later, but ive put together a serious how to guide and it may seem a little time consuming ,but like all the articles on making money you read they say it takes hard work and im sorry to admit its the truth.

Making money onthe internet how it works relisticly at the beggining -
Okay first think to do is setup a paypal account that is verified by your bank as it will help in the long run as you will need a verified paypal for some sites that pay, this is key as my top tip is to never leave money on sites longer than you have to as soon as you earn enough bank it out as you never know when a site could dissapear or go intoadministration .

Now whats your area of interest you will be writting alot of content and also tutorin yourself in tecniques like seo which ill explain later in detail so dont worry, but it helps you to use manhours dong something you at least dont find tdious.Well ow if your a writer there are some great sites but if you want cash to your paypal quick as you have a extra bill or an immediate ffunding need heres my legitimate method.

Slice the pie
Well now i have been here as a newbie on the slice the pie along time ago and while the music is quite good and the reviews dont have to be massively long it can still get tedious, I started out at a basic salary of 0.02 which ive heard people say how bad it is butt here are incentives the longer you write for them the higher your rank gets and the more your base salary is . The new changes on the site have rewarded reviewers the right to earn more for detailed well written english reviews while evenwith bad reviews you will still receive the 2p per review so even if not trying while browsingthe internet do a few and it will addup.
How to get 29p a track
Well ive done nearly 500 reviews and have had planty of payouts from them the method i use is instead of earning a top bonus on the track by writinga huge review with loads of musical terms i stick to a good revoew that takes me sixty seconds to type for 9p it takes about two minutes to write a review so 30 minutes times 9 equals a hourly rate of 2.70 Where as its not minimum wage if you have a really fast typing speed this would still create £10 a day with under four hours through the day .

The outline of a review
Important note your grammer and spelling should be good quality to get higher pay per review.
1-You should include genre and tone/timbre
5-musical arrangement
6-musical accompaniments
7-beat , tempo,mention of chords
8-the production
9-any recommendations to improve it .

You only need a sentence for each of the list and add a few great adjectives so its not really boring and always the same also the use of similies works well.
You can straight away earn more than the base rate as long as you include certain musical terms , this is the way i chose to structure my reviews and i find i get a nice added income of doing this it may work for you if you keep on reviewing your loyalty is rewarded the more you write .
I have found they also send you emails offering any members a bonus on certain tracks so you could have a base of 7 p and review a bonus track get a extra 20p so its 27p only four of theses and youve made a pound ,when you get these emails act quickly as once they have the allocated amount of track reviews the bonus will end on a day like this you can easily make 20.00 no problem.

crime vs online cash instead , do you think theyve worked out they can make more cash online than crime yet we explore this issue?

Hey everyone out there that is reading or has just stumbled accross my blog by mistake let me tell you abit about some of the projects i have going on at the moment on one of my sites im accepting donations to make a fund that all donaters can vote on and we can give help to people who maybe cant get loans or any help , they send us a request we vote then issue the money from the fund within 24 hours by paypal , i know its quite a new idea but eveyone knows charity is my heart and alot of the writing i do is just an income boost to help sustain my charity projects i always have on the go.
Im asking any one that wants to donate to me personally for tghe hours spent tirelessly writing when i should have been tucked up asleep , please send me a email as i would love to offer a guest post from you as a thankyou .I f anyone wants to donate to my other site and become a donater then you can find all the info here.
I would just like to say thanks for stopping by and even taking a look you make my blog what it is and without you all i wouldnt feel the need for what i write .Also any skills or help that could be donated to help the dillysan family grow and reall y be a resource for people to make cash in times of desperate need or aas a career.
Who said that age should hold you back im in my twenties and have been out of formal unemmployment for years now ince becoming ill i felt overwhelmed by the state benefit situation and felt that all perfectly fine wa not the route for me , with a illness that can really change your life in a second its not worth settling i told myself i would insure that without someone else paying my wage i wouklld still live to the same standard and the only way i could do that was work from home , i didnt want a regular employer who would let me work at home because they would set deadlines and pressure i wanted to do that side so i only had pressure when i felt up to it and no seadlines to miss if i wasnt well that day.So i started small and then as i grew in knowledge and skills i grew my ideas to get a higher income , this was my part in youth unemployment hence i wasnt really that effected but my peers have quite a dramatically different situation often coming from lower incomes without an academic background being forced on jobseekers and free work experience at tesco for them i am devastated the olden days of talkingto a boss nd maybe landing a job isnt the case its a cv and then a rejection letter for most hence why they turn to crime alot of young people are so business sav vy people actually have bno idea the infostructure in some communitys set uo by young people to make mney between them a market which you cant just enter but they have grown into ,I often find myself asking why not all turnthat business smart s into career they lack self belief and because of low academic acheivements have been made to feel useless with a lack of trade oppurtunitys ofr business growth programs for lower income children once they turn 18 and are out of employment. I THINK THAT PEOPLE would die if they realised how much cash the youth have between them and if the government would only include them and realise its failings they would have the confidence to integrate into the sociolly accepted forms of business.
open discussion?

Asking for donations and sponsors ?

Hey everyone out there that is reading or has just stumbled accross my blog by mistake let me tell you abit about some of the projects i have going on at the moment on one of my sites im accepting donations to make a fund that all donaters can vote on and we can give help to people who maybe cant get loans or any help , they send us a request we vote then issue the money from the fund within 24 hours by paypal , i know its quite a new idea but eveyone knows charity is my heart and alot of the writing i do is just an income boost to help sustain my charity projects i always have on the go.
Im asking any one that wants to donate to me personally for tghe hours spent tirelessly writing when i should have been tucked up asleep , please send me a email as i would love to offer a guest post from you as a thankyou .I f anyone wants to donate to my other site and become a donater then you can find all the info here.
I would just like to say thanks for stopping by and even taking a look you make my blog what it is and without you all i wouldnt feel the need for what i write .Also any skills or help that could be donated to help the dillysan family grow and reall y be a resource for people to make cash in times of desperate need or aas a career.

Asking for donations and sponsors ?

Hey everyone out there that is reading or has just stumbled accross my blog by mistake let me tell you abit about some of the projects i have going on at the moment on one of my sites im accepting donations to make a fund that all donaters can vote on and we can give help to people who maybe cant get loans or any help , they send us a request we vote then issue the money from the fund within 24 hours by paypal , i know its quite a new idea but eveyone knows charity is my heart and alot of the writing i do is just an income boost to help sustain my charity projects i always have on the go.
Im asking any one that wants to donate to me personally for tghe hours spent tirelessly writing when i should have been tucked up asleep , please send me a email as i would love to offer a guest post from you as a thankyou .I f anyone wants to donate to my other site and become a donater then you can find all the info here.
I would just like to say thanks for stopping by and even taking a look you make my blog what it is and without you all i wouldnt feel the need for what i write .Also any skills or help that could be donated to help the dillysan family grow and reall y be a resource for people to make cash in times of desperate need or aas a career.

Is twitter still at the forefront i missed the peak ,is it stilll worth an account?

The simple answer is yes , i use these social profiles to keep a presence online , it leads to higher earnings definately because once people can find you in lots of places and see the same info on all oprofiles and the same contact details helps your legitimacy and its important online to let everyone know your there you need to get found not wait to be found.
I would suggestyou make at least 10 posts a day even if very short use links and contreversial stories to grow your following also run competitions which will increase activity.I suggest really being active at the beginning ecspecially if running campaighns as twitter and facebook posts get found by google very quickly.

Chat rooms that allow referrals in to post their link ?

Well theres hardly any wher we can talk without having to hae thirty thousand preious posts in the forum lol noyt mine come bye use mine its just for you guys swap refs buy eachother just use it as i couldnt find alterntie so made one for everyone to use hope it helps - heres the link use facebook or guest sign in .I allow ref links to be posted .
What i got a ref in a chatroom ?
Alot of refs to be found in cash making mIRC chats just donload the irc client and then pick a chennel and get talking

E-whoring are you having a laugh mate ?

Omg i was made aware by a fellow shall remain disclosed blogger by skype that there where just offered a nude pic if they signed up for something for someone , we where laughing so hard first of all wrong audience thanks nearly married ladie ill have you know , and like really is that what someone will do for like a dollar for a referral sign up , i mean when we broke it down from an internet marketers point of view they probably copy and pasted stolen images or just what they had found on the internet and then used them as a currency with pervy men to sign up just resending photos everyday for signing up , i really thoight for all those poeple who are haing there images used like this im sure there are many successful markerters actually making cash like this but no one says the truth its all very keep it in the family and do the work yourself before i help attitude i dont think that i think we should all be transparent so internet cash making becomes a common route for people to take up throughtimes of unemployment ecspecially and just in times of need its good to beable tomake your own income .

Write newspaper article in games for virtual currency bank out euros - here s a articleI write in a game so you can get the idea i earn euros for these everyweek?

I know i go on about anno but you guys know i loe that game and im quite a good player earning a decent amount daily of there so as usual want to share something that works well its totally free to play and join you earn cash ingame by fighting and working so on its very easy and no surveys or sighn up offers totally lgame based set in the 15 century i think its basically a virtual currenncy game that allows you to bank out in euros , i own a few companies on the game called happy meat farm , and some trade companys among a restrurant that produce and sell items in game which i then conert to euros from gold and make a decent amount daily , i also hae a newspaper and as lots of people wroite to get paid you can make up to 40 euros a week on this site from one article and can publish a n article every 5 hours so if you are totallyoriginal and play online games for cash you will make huge profits from your articles i hae linked to you a copy of a newpaper article i hae written in my paper anno insider .
Click here to be invited by me . and open our own newspaper.

its amazing once you start reasearching something ,then its three years later and i suppose you ve taught your self a new careeer .

Now like all bloggers and marketers i have had days where it all seemed at a loss but i stayed focused and perserverved as hard work does pay there is no mistake about that , but online as a newbie i felt overwhelmed by marketing experts that had all the secrets for a fee which i never ever bought into thankfully but there high earning left me feeling depleted but intime the realism hit me everything online is not rigid ever changeable and ever showed in the best light not always true alot of marketing scams actually moneterize the key point of their earnings to encourage you to join up and pay there fee when there is no way in hell yur reach there earnings and if badly stung the site will close down without notice and all earnings lost plus money invested .
Im going to stress there is no point joining a system that needs a fee its probably a con or gies you minimal back for what you pay instead you need to research the area so much that any questions you have you can answer yourself be it all a basic understanding but you need a grasp of what your talking about to even stand a chance of being taken seriously.Plus you need to carve a market for your elf no one will lead the way the internet is full of promising amazing writiners that get no exposure because they dont play the game properly writing is king but it has to have subjects.
Like mny people out there i thought a site would be easy a blog woul be easy and then i could monetize i thought easy but at every step i found a wall of terms and technical jargon and steps that i could still complete but noy to a good leel if i didnt subcontract the work out , i then started to reasearch mareting techniques ,web building seo, social networking , writing trends, iternet behaviours, css template buildindg whichyou will soon need to learn as its so important to making blogs and sites look different and personal , referral streams, buying behaviours,article writing , seo rich writing , mapping, html,java,mail advertising,list building,social network sites and achieveing a rapid growing fellowship.Also ebook selling writing tactics, and lots more i think after theses threee years with many more skills under my belt i have alot more to offer an employer and also feel confident enough to work in the it arena as a full time job under a company which three yaers ago i would have solely thought writing would have been my sole income .
So dont get upset if all you try doesnt benefit your income you hae still gained vast new knowledge and skills you can teach yourself a career im sure .

Reach out to other affiliates /marketers bloggers and generally share love and appreciation we all devote alot of time and skill.

Rome wasnt built in a day and not by one man alone so get over a ego trip just reach out (you dont need to hear the whole song lol)get my point, late nights when your up writing content for your sites and blogs dont eel alone loads of other bloggers are sitting there with there cofee and typing away too why not talk , poeople in the same situation with a like minded goal can only allow you to grow and expand your knowledge and skills ,you never no if a mate you made through a blog will became the next perez hilton and give you a a much needed foot up.And plus of my good mates where from posting on my sites you speak everyday and sometimes a business relationship naturally evolves.

PPC the godsend to all affiliate marketers you crazy if you aint running ads ?

Okay guys now lots of people use google to advertise there affiliate link and some of the best internet marketers are seeing a return of about 4 :1 of what they spend on googla advertisingcompared to what there refs earn them or products they buy through tthe link for your commisssion percentage .
If you arent inthe ppc arena yet then step forward gladiator this is a sure way to make cash , put the ads on a good blog or site that has a nice folowing allow the traffic to be organic as its more valued than traffic exchange and organic traffic tends to want o be there so are more willing to sign upp or use offers you promote as it appeals to the area of their interest.
If you are a new user then checkmy free credits post ive got 8 £1oo vouchers for google adertising to give away so use the code while its there

Onine cloaked marketers monetize there menbers not their content?

You must have been on forums and seen members that seemed so decent bneen there for years and years but its ioften the most savvy kind of internet marketer of all ,as they hulid a trust rating and then have a massive income stream although some are genuine frum members that do love what they talk about and just want to share but i tend to think they are all there for a reason really and instictively i think its financial gain on there behalf the years posting for the rewards at the end is so eworth it .What s your use of forums and do they make you good linkd online lets see if we can gather some general ideas

Email list vs spamming you decide? secret no 3-wont see anywhere else online

Okay another secret which ill let everyone in on alot of succesful marketers use black hat methods out there and then lie , i myself wont as i love organic traffic i get joy from people visiting my blogs and sites because they want to but the realim of the situstion is different out there to make big bucks people nearly aalways invest speculate to accumalate methodolgy then lie saying they made it totally free just to grow there online presence and reputation also helps them sell memberships to silly cash systems and daft ebooks .
A lot of people hire people online to send emails on there behalf effectively paying someone else to spam they may have eight or nine people a day sending out 500 emails using five email accounts to send them each ,if only 20~% sign up or subscribe and buy they make a massive profit. So theres a secret what do you think about that?

My referrals arent active how can i incentivise them to participate more?

Incentivised visitors is a key to promoting your blog and site if your focus is not on giving useful helpful information then you will need a draw some of the free companies i use to incentiise are-

Punchtab - You can allow your visitors toget rewards as they browse your site it creates a nice atmosphere they can earn a free cd or mp3 download per how many isits they do itsgreat and can also do prize entries for competitions i run onmy site which also always draws new traffic thets passing.
Offer a active bonus on your forums say the mst actieinformative member will win £5.00 and pay them by paypal you dont need to be a massive organisation to reward loyalty check out punch tab ive seen a grow in my site statistics snce installing .

Dude seriously forty euro a month for playing temn minutes dungeons and treasure?

Dungeons and dragons is a simple game which youshould play daily its not as profitable or complex as anno but still pays you cash for free,you are given a chance every day to enter a dungeon as you make your way around you pick up treasure you can buy weapons with your gold which will give you longer in the dungeons allowing you to collect more gold in the dungeon, you only have three lives and once gone you cannot play till the next day .

How and when it pays-
Dudes and dudettes each game lasts 30 days thereis a counter in the corner of the game which has a timer counting down the days till the end of that months game .When the timer stops anytyhing you have earnt will be transferred into cash which you can collect through paypal or cheque but pypal is much faster.
This is a simple way to add at least another £40.00 extra income once you develope your game strategy youll earn much more, remeber play everyday for ten minutes and youll definately get a payout .
I play on here myself an am confident they are trustworthy and payout on time so i recommend it as a way to up your income with no outlay.

Afiliates starting up where the f**k do i begin ?

Ive decided to give you three simple steps that a newbie will definately be able to benefit from .-
1- get a free blog try blogger or even for a site try moonfruit or webbly you can read my reviews hhere about them to see who suits you best all free plans .with active forums and chatrooms .
2-Use all free vouchers - ive got some for google yahoo bing and facebook = over 150 dollars worth click here to get them totally free now .-
3-Join commission junction pick a item that has a good commission percentage and then log in to your advertising accounts make adverts promoting the product you want sold or the site you need people to sign up i would suggest promoting a product the first time as it has a higher profit yield but with the free ad vouchers all you make is free profit .
4-Watch your commission start coming in .
Simple really if you need help making a good facebook ad take a look at this post -

My phone power button broke /can't turn phone on quick fix problem solved , phone power button gone , metal part under power button gone.

Hi guys the other day the little metal tiny disc fell off my phone I had long lost the power button before that but now there was nonway to ...