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First of all let meintroduce mysellf , i was diagnosed with a serious illness three years ago which stopped me being able to work at the office or to finish my university education , at that point i was at a crossroads and with alot of trepidation i decided to make an income instead of relying on state benefits the reason i chose this was as i was diagnosed with a very serious illness i needed to be able to make as much as i could while i could for treatment and living costs while i would be unable to work.The state would have offered me only basic treatment and i would have been constantly filing in forms and just didnt want my life constrained in that way .
So at first like loads of people online i was lost in a sea of websites that offered the world to someone in my situation and like alot of dsperate people im sure i was duped a few times losing the odd £5 here and there to sites that would suddenly dissapearleaving me feeling Stupid and still no money in the bank.But as i reasearched and i actually put hours a day in to actually checking sites for reliability payment proof and a projection of a weekly wage i could earn from each site., i started to discover a few key sites that were actually worth the time and research.
The two sites of the day -
Now the sites i want to tell you about are to average at least £60.00 extra a week and although you can earn alot more as some people have earned up to 66.000 in one year but they are very few and after speaking to the top earners they pay for alot of advertising on google for example up to about a half their income goes on advertising, so dont be mislead when you see people online talkimg about massive earnings alot of its invested money too.

The method you need to follow is completely free, and i want you to no the site im suggesting has many avenues for revenue and you can do others all im showing you is the data entry section of the site as it is constant income ansd you can earn as much as you work i must admit data entry is really boring but these tasks are quick and not to repetative, there will be tasks like categorizing twitter users , and stuff like veryifying sites opening times or address through the internet its really easy and doesnt take any prior experience.Alsothe data entry on this site isnt oversubscribed as not many people use data entry as their main income on this site but for a beginner its a definate way to make a free 60.00 from no onvestment.
The Fact is with this site as long as you have a paypal account youcan get paid by the next dat so if you need an extra£5 for something you really can just log in and earn and have it in paypal by the next day .

Ok heres the link -

Sign up at the site above paste the link in the browser and once you confirm your email your good to go from that point follow this method-

1 go to the earn section - or earning categories
2- Ignore offers and points ,downloads, all those categories you can look into later yourself they will up your earnings a week ill go into it later.
3-Now click the reoccuring tasks section - this will be where you earn your cash per page of data entry.
4-Now you will see a list of available tasks and as your in birmingham you shoukd get a great long list each day as uk get the moat tasks .
5-Now look down and pick a task it will say on the head of the section how much it pays per page so pick a good rate some are as hich as 10p to 12p per page.
6-Do as many as are available
7-If you finish your firast task go back and pick another .
8-Iw ould say do about two hours or even just a hour aday as youll find your own rythm and soon spped through the pages allowing you to earn more per hour you do on the tasks.
9-Youll easily make about 4.50 onhere each day so this is the base of your cash so you must do this step every day.

Step two of the method - the other £4.00
The surveys-
let me explain abit on the internet there are many sites that offer surveys for cash but they often have a approval period which can be two to even four weeks after you complete it which is no way an instant way to make extra cash and also they often take alot of time to complete and are really dull.With the surveys im showing you there are free dasily surveys seven of them which you can complete evryday only once they add up to a total of about 6.00 -6.50 but if youonly do the 1.00 one and four of the others youll make at least 4,50 . The magic about theses are as soon as you complete they credit your balance with the cashno waiting days and days .Also remember you can withdraw your earned cash once you reach 2.00 which youll achieve the first day you join youll also get 50p free for joinig so you only need to do a survey and about three data entry pages and you can withdraw and receive payment the next day.
1-Go to the section under the daily surveys and and start the surveys do the £1.00 one first and then the rest in the list
2- do these all once a day
3- provide real answers and real email as otherwise they wont credit you.

So now with these two sections you have established a daily earning of at least 9.50

Now you can expand on theses earnings daily by doing other paid tasks , there is a offers section where you canget paid for signing up to sites with just your email they pay about 20 pence and there are over 50 available at least a day id say also there are many others klike an average pay of 40p to 60 p for downloading a free game and installing it so if you do a few of these offers theyll eaily up your earnings too.

Ill leave it to you to get signed in and make your first withdrawal , remeber its totally free and no one will ask you for a penny any siteds that charge you to register are a scam and i would also avoid like the plague.

Also as i promised another website i recommend to up your earnings is slice the pie a site thatpays you to review music , you start at a basic salary rate per review but the longer reviews you write the more you eran i have been paid numerous times and am on a base rate of 29p per 40 word review so it works out great. Also they pay by paypal in about three days youll receive the cash so its not instant but if you need the cash in three days this will help . The minimum to withdraw is 10.00 and youll probably get that after about two days if you want to earn more per review be sure to include in your reviews.
-Great spelling
-Musical terms
-comment on tone of the track
-comment on production
-make some recommendations
-add adjectives
-use similies
-Talk about musical arrangement
-Talk about lyrics
Talk about musical accompaniment
-Bass and tone

If you include theses you should get atleast 12 pence a review and like me once you reach 29 pence per review youll be able to make an hourly wake on there doing 30 tracks an hour at 29 pence each it works out great.

I hope this really helps and you start making cash to.ill be able to help you on the site once you join so ill see you there good luck.

Also if this method works for you and you see results would you add a review in my ebay feedback please. Thankyou and i hope you become an online top earner

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