Top way to order free food online tried and tested

Well over the christmas period it was made very clear to me that one of the big expenditures out there apart from presents is food for the holidays and people are really feeling the burn , with less charity kitchens and n for free food resources so ive done my best to find anyway and everyway to order free food online without needing cash it may be small things but you can do it so heres my set of useful sites and how to use them to the best effect .

I have tried and tested most methods so i can assure you they work heres my top 20 ways to get free food online .

1. If you have a credit ?debit card that allows direct debit get £10 totally free grocerys to your door from the company milk and more , sign up on there website place and order and as long as its under 10.00 the free voucher you get will cover it they will deliver to your door the next day or two and then close your account and thats ten pound of free food you just got .I myself have done this an it was easy as pie the company was a pleasure to deal with and allowed me to easily close my account , you can order milk eggs , crisps ,coke , potatoes , beans , chocolate all the stuff you need f you cant get t the shops or dont have the cash .
Milk and more site check your postcode-

 user rating -five stars

2. Point2shop-
Wellit says it in the title and i myself have also used this site many times to order foods like pasta and jars of dolmio sauce they often come in bulk  could ne 12 x dolmio so its great place to get your cupboard must haves , like pasta , sauces, spice mixes , tinned food , beans,hops ect, multipacks of crisps ect there is a massive catalogue that youcan choose from just choose the grocery section for your rewards  you can alternatively earn cash and withdraw from paypal the same day if you actually need some real funds not just food .
Its one of the simplest sites to use ouut there ansd as it goes its one of the longest standing and has a great reputation here are there  stats so you no its tried and tested -

User rating -5 stars  

You can do loads of thingd daily thre surveys alone is a good amount for shopping ,  the cash is added to your account as soon as you complete asurvey and immediately available for points or cash withdrawal if you choose points and order food through their catalogue you will get twice the moneys worth .This is one of my favourite to use food will be delivered within about three days from order whichis great .
You can also order giftcards  beauty essential or clothes .

3-The refer a friend shopping discount up to twenty pounds free food shopping

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