sony bravia wont play my iphone vids -answered simply

I love my sony bravia no one said mpeg 4
Ok dudes ive been exploring the world of the sony bravia and i have to say im in love i really have at first with setbacks in connection and setting up a ad hoc network which in the least was not an easy task i have found a few little great tips so here they are i'll update them as i discover more- feel free to add your own as online sony bravia question are asked alot but people have to pay to get an answer lets all help eachother out free. 

Problem  no1 - My Iphone videos wont play when i connect it to my bravia by usb but some of my songs come up . 

 Answered- Okay this happened to me to and probably every other person know where did i find tat it said it would play mpeg4 but it does youll need to convert the files to play them on there - Easy way i do it is i use Ilivid downloader and download a film from tube save it in mp4 then send it to my hp usb flash i just stick that in to the tv and voila . For your personal vids you want to see on the tv you can use a jail broke iphone to mirror and see in big screen the iphones screen but that doesnt satisfy me i need the whole screen connect to your laptop and convert your videos files to mpeg 4 using a converter try freemake its simple but works well add them to your usb and then you can view them it took me about 15 minutes to upload my vids on my laptop of my iphone and convert thenm to mpeg 4 then save to my usb flash i use hp as it seems to work well with the sony bravia .

 Can i use my iphone personal hotspot on the sony bravia through the usb connection ?

Answered could be expanded-

Well aparently theres only one way for certain tvs some have built in wifi so will pick it up and let youu use it but ones that need to have their wifi enabled need the sony wireless adapter but ive heard there are manu cheaper alternatives that work perfectly well , ill put up a list shortly - All im going to say aswell as im researching at the moment is the apple airport express seems to be really interesting and maybe a way around these problems .

 How do i connect my laptop to the sony bravia easily ? 

1. insert your hdmi cable into laptop and tv
2.if no hdmi is supported by your laptop you have no slot for it then use a dvi to hdmi cable and a vga . duplicate to see the same as on the laptop screen .

ill update it soon add your thoughts and questions ill get them answered

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