Afiliates starting up where the f**k do i begin ?

Ive decided to give you three simple steps that a newbie will definately be able to benefit from .-
1- get a free blog try blogger or even for a site try moonfruit or webbly you can read my reviews hhere about them to see who suits you best all free plans .with active forums and chatrooms .
2-Use all free vouchers - ive got some for google yahoo bing and facebook = over 150 dollars worth click here to get them totally free now .-
3-Join commission junction pick a item that has a good commission percentage and then log in to your advertising accounts make adverts promoting the product you want sold or the site you need people to sign up i would suggest promoting a product the first time as it has a higher profit yield but with the free ad vouchers all you make is free profit .
4-Watch your commission start coming in .
Simple really if you need help making a good facebook ad take a look at this post -

My phone power button broke /can't turn phone on quick fix problem solved , phone power button gone , metal part under power button gone.

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