sites that are worth getting refs for if your a newbie hope this helps.

Now i know there are so many around that it feels like a assault course to find the right one, like most other webmasters yopu find at the beginning you may get dodgy affilioates and wont get paid for your work or they get out of paying you obnn little rules which they dont make you aware of the beggining.
In my work i really value transparancy and the fact i can trace a company to an adress a business registration and a site owner incase something happens with payment, I have been affiliating for two years quite successfully and have put this list together so people dont have to spend months wasting time making the typical mistakes that are easy to make as a newbie to a newbie
Well now at first i didnt pay that much attention to this site as sites where you get paid to do offers i normally think is a long term cash option but on this site there is scetion where you can make an hourly income infact with a little onscreen piggy back that shows you as you earn.
Its an insider secret for data entry that pays to paypal per two completed questions ,the section is called reoccurring earnings once your logged inwill tell you waht data entry jobs are available they range fro 20 pence per too pages to sometimes 1.00 the average is 10 pence so its atleast 3.00 a hour and you can cash out to paypal the same time and receive istant payment no waiting for checks. The referral is £1 a person which you can withdraw immediately.

I have been paid multiple times and when in need for a little sky upgrade money this is where i turn ,So i hope they help you could averagean immediate online income of 16.00 a day for 5 hour work so its hard work but you will get paid.and its by paypal and remember with cashle ifyou need a tenner for the next day its your best shot as is instant paypal payments and it also gives youa bonus of 50p just joining up ,whereas slice the pie takes about 3 days and the minimum withdrawal is £10.00 and on cashle its a minimum withdrawal of £1.00.

My phone power button broke /can't turn phone on quick fix problem solved , phone power button gone , metal part under power button gone.

Hi guys the other day the little metal tiny disc fell off my phone I had long lost the power button before that but now there was nonway to ...