anno --virtual method continued

The quick bits before you invest Raw materials information- okay Anno 1777 is dependent on the raw materials meat leather cotton wood iron paper , all the companies run off these stocks so they are very precious while great to get into as theres assured profit, there are downfalls newbies will face i want to stop that heres how-the truth is that the game has alot of monoploys where one owner has all the companies and so many workplaces that they can produce all the stocks before you start to even get a worker so then you'll have a meat company with no stock so worth nothing for the month to be up there in leather production as it is the most profitable item you will need to add atleast 40 to 60 work spaces at 1 euro each and allow a high wage for the days the stocks replenesh and everyone is trying to grab as much as they can before it goes youll need 10 euros in wages in the account just so you never have production stopped-i must stress this only applys to raw material companies not trade or banks or wine as they are all products so you dont need to produce your own stock to sell so there profitable without having to invest so much but when you have a really successful meat and leather business youll get huge profits compared to the investment . insider secret dont get burned make sure you invest the right amount at the righttime withmeat comapnies. Anno1777inviteme
Bank- My top choice one off investment then runs itself. *****
This is my top choice in Anno1777 you can earn cash pretty quickly you can offer loans and accounts which allow a players in game currency to grow interest which you oth keep a percentage of. Ifyou are starting a bank it would be good if you had a bit morethan 50 euros to set up the bank as ypull need to pay wirkers.As soon as youcan get loans uo and running and curret accounts the cash wil roll in try and open a bank in a country that has not to much competition yu want a monopoly as it will allow you rapid growth to then build on the companies you own .
Please be aware to function as a bank you need to produce bank receipts slips so i would suggest buying a licesnce for 1 euro and a bank reveict tools of production for about 6 gold on the market and about 1-2 euro if you buy directly off game not another player.
Meat andleather production -and trade companie-Anno1777inviteme
Well this is different probably havent seen this mix but here it goes you buy a meat company for 10 euros and then pay your workers to produce leather and meat you then sell on to the market at a price of 0.001 gold or if in your locam curency 0.1 pence then purchase all your produced stocks yourself at the bargain price. As the months go on the stocks will reduce and the meat and leather go up in dramatic value you will see that you can easily export your produced leather through your trade comaapnie at about 0.34- 35 gold per sm leather or kg meat which is amazing profit .Remember 5 gold is a euro .
 Lottery production - Anno1777inviteme
A brilliant way to get quick cash and have some fun injected in the game right now id say the hothead of the lotteries are romania they have sufficient amounts runnng daily whereas some countries lack even one .These are a sure fire way to make great cash offer a prize of 1 gold and charge tickets at 0.10 gold enough will enter to cover the prize the leftover is instant profit .I would advise you offer big rizes to get your lottery well known and to get repeat business.
Wine production -
it costs 10 euros and you need a 1 euro license and a wine tools of production that you can bu for 55-10 gols from the game fund ,wine adds wellness eveyday so if you keep ypur wine 21 days after production your wine will be 21 wellness points added but they do spoil and become bad wine so to stop stocks being perished do the same as with the meat company and purchase your stock at a cutdown price then import it out to make the cash back.
A magazine is about 2 euros to set up plus a license for a euro and a prodution tool at about 6 gold youll also need paper about 1 golds worth ,this is key to allowing your company to advertise promote yourself away and your deals of the day a great way to tell people about you and get some business.
The key is to get active skaves i like to buy slaves from romania poland, gbp,usa , as there currency is the highest worth on the game the method i use is i invest like three euros and travel to poland and romania check out the blocked slave ,market then buy i then block after ive checked their profile if theyre worth it . which costs 0.13 euros a week but it allows them not tobe attacked or given a new master so i earn solidly of them also if they work there wellness staying high through you blocking them increases their wages allowing you to earn more . Also in some countries on anno your permanent slaves will get you a bonus as will your direct slaves won through battle so always fight abit befor collecting that .
You can sell slaves so if youve blocked one and hes made some cash but not enough sell him still blocked even if its the last day youll make some nice instant gold , you can fight them immediately sell a slave but if someone else fights them before they sll they get the right to sell them so if youwant to fight and sell speed is the key.
The best slaves if you getone are company owners as youll get a percent of there real withdrawn earnings and they can earn 1000 eors a day in some cases so if you have one with a company hold on to them . Anno1777inviteme

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