Setting up an adsense account -

Well noew if your searching for a away to make cash and youve dedicated a bloog or site to it then allocate some ad space and get your site integrated with google ads.If your a newbie then id advise you to check out my post on best free hosting that has adsense integration post much easier for starters.
If you use for example as your primary site you would then choose an advertising block for your site , i would suggest dont overload your site with ads as people wont keep revisiting ,i would have a ratio of 85% worthwhile content and about 15% advertising space.
-Once adsense is registered and linked to your blog your good to go and get earning of your ads and content.
The benefits of adsense that it naturally makes you cash of organic traffic the best kind also the adverts shown have arelevance to tyour site so have a hiher conversion rate.
One big tip-
Google do not mess about when it comes to terms and conditions so i would make sure you stick to the rules as google dont advertise on certain sites like x rated and some other topics.
Never click your own ads its fradulent and they will know and will probably result in your account being closed.
Clickbombing- nasty competetors do this to try and lose you your google account if the ads are clicked a crazy amount of times it looks fraudulent if you see a case of this notify google first and theyll understand but if they discover it later youi could be answering some questions

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