Is virtual currency going to make you a millionaire? method intro part one

Anno1777- a guide to opening a company and making an income
Remeber to join you must use a link to sign up as only people that are invited can join .to be instantly invited click here -Anno1777inviteme
First of all what it Anno1777 and what is the point ?
Okay guys let me explain this browser based game which is text based is a replica of the real world financial market and allows you the opputunity to make successful empires that in real life you wouldnt have enough to invest in .
you can cash in on all currencys not just your own i make cash from poland romania ,aaland islands, germany,bahamas etc .Anno1777inviteme
Here are a list of the companies on Anno 1777 you can own and at what cost -the best for newbies as quick profit
Bank- 50 Euros
Wine production -10 Euros Meat and leather production - 10 Euros
Lottery production-10 Euros

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