Startup questions - you may ask -Anno1777inviteme- last part virtual millionaire

1- Ive purchased my company how do I make my product ?
Okay great youve bought your company license and tools of production and your stocks to make your product the license wil tell you exactly how much you need ,now you need to go to the section workplaces ,
once in the workplace section youll see one workplace which came with the comapny in the box next to it add the amount per hour youll pay set about 60 to a 1.00 then click the green tick it will say your action was successfully done. If a message comes up about aur and your comapny balance being to low it just means that you will have to go to the finncial section in your company and then invest 1 gold it will be instant from your personal balance into your company , now sell th gold for local currency its all on the same page in the financial tab of your company.once your company account has enough wages go back and click the green tick itwill say succesfully done this time and your products have ow started to be produced.Anno1777inviteme
2- I cant make enough product the stocks are gone-
Okay as a company you can buy in gold so if desperate and have no trade comany to source your product then travel to differebt region and ourchase from the game fund can be expensive but will allow you to carry on manufacturing.
3- What does create new workspace do shall i do it is it worth it ?
Well this cost one euro and its literally allowing you to have another paid worker toproduce your good s now in companies like meat its very important as to get enough stock to sell and produce of meat and leather there is great compettion for the stock so you need as many workers who can produce the most stock for you to sell on i would suggest about 40 -60 meatworkplaces ,10 grapes.10 restruants,10 for banks and lotteries .Anno1777inviteme

4- My company has 6 gold in it why cant i spend it for my things in game ?
Both are very seperate your personal cash and your business cash , the key is that once you get 10 gold you can withdraw from your company and add it to your real balance or withdraw to moneybookers.
1st picture is your buisness cash second is ypur personal cash you can withdraw the euros are what you can withdraw into moneybookers bank account alertpay and so on.Anno1777inviteme
5- Can i sell a company its not working out ?
Sure anno is all about selling and trust me someone will buy it for the right price.
6- I own shares what for ?
Well you can sll them if you like the game sells one hundred of your shares and you get 900 to sell wait until your companie grows in profit and its marketgold goes up then you can sell your shares at upto 50 or more gold even from there strating price 0.1 gold .
7- Ive ran out of cash but need to do some stuff?
No problem just work for a minimum of five days then travel to romania in game where there are a few banks and take loan it will give you an amount based on yor worked days so the more worked days the bigger the loan amount will be , you can choose a 5 day 10 day 15 day or 20 day loan and the loan is repaisd form your balance if at the time of repayment the balance is to low it will become negetive and then as you work the debt will be repaid from wages .Anno1777inviteme
8- How do i see how many slaves i have i cant find them ?
Okay go to the fight section where youll see a list of people you can fight now on the top of that page theres a section saying slaves click that and youll see all your unblocked blocked and permanent slaves .
9-I dont have any of that currency in my business but i want to buy stock in a different country.
Well you can only buy stock in the currency you opened the companiy or in gold through game funds or trade companies
10- I cant open any more branches why ,other peole have lots of branches ?
okay this all depends on your citizenship for example uk has no regions only a capital city london so you may only open one branch , but if your from netherlands antilles with over 4 regions you would be able to open 4 branches . If your in a countrywhere you cant open branches change citizenship to a country open a new company there and then open all your branches in different regions.16 February 2012
What next ?
well see whats the companie working the best for you and grow it ,people do earn 1000 euros every couple of days as they have been playing years but its great and even a newbie can see 500 euro easily a month if setup right.
Hope eveyone finds this useful.and if you need any questions answered ill do my best to give you an indepth helpful answer.happy money making gaming .Anno1777inviteme

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