My referrals arent active how can i incentivise them to participate more?

Incentivised visitors is a key to promoting your blog and site if your focus is not on giving useful helpful information then you will need a draw some of the free companies i use to incentiise are-

Punchtab - You can allow your visitors toget rewards as they browse your site it creates a nice atmosphere they can earn a free cd or mp3 download per how many isits they do itsgreat and can also do prize entries for competitions i run onmy site which also always draws new traffic thets passing.
Offer a active bonus on your forums say the mst actieinformative member will win £5.00 and pay them by paypal you dont need to be a massive organisation to reward loyalty check out punch tab ive seen a grow in my site statistics snce installing .

My phone power button broke /can't turn phone on quick fix problem solved , phone power button gone , metal part under power button gone.

Hi guys the other day the little metal tiny disc fell off my phone I had long lost the power button before that but now there was nonway to ...