Unskilled im untrained in it dont know where to begin i do sureys ,what next ? How to make instant paypal money the same day using two sites-

Well i love the internet now but i use to be fustrated and annoyed i often found that there where so many sites available to make money on that i couldnt chose, so like everyone i put my fingers in all the pies which was my first mistake ill explain that later, but ive put together a serious how to guide and it may seem a little time consuming ,but like all the articles on making money you read they say it takes hard work and im sorry to admit its the truth.

Making money onthe internet how it works relisticly at the beggining -
Okay first think to do is setup a paypal account that is verified by your bank as it will help in the long run as you will need a verified paypal for some sites that pay, this is key as my top tip is to never leave money on sites longer than you have to as soon as you earn enough bank it out as you never know when a site could dissapear or go intoadministration .

Now whats your area of interest you will be writting alot of content and also tutorin yourself in tecniques like seo which ill explain later in detail so dont worry, but it helps you to use manhours dong something you at least dont find tdious.Well ow if your a writer there are some great sites but if you want cash to your paypal quick as you have a extra bill or an immediate ffunding need heres my legitimate method.

Slice the pie
Well now i have been here as a newbie on the slice the pie along time ago and while the music is quite good and the reviews dont have to be massively long it can still get tedious, I started out at a basic salary of 0.02 which ive heard people say how bad it is butt here are incentives the longer you write for them the higher your rank gets and the more your base salary is . The new changes on the site have rewarded reviewers the right to earn more for detailed well written english reviews while evenwith bad reviews you will still receive the 2p per review so even if not trying while browsingthe internet do a few and it will addup.
How to get 29p a track
Well ive done nearly 500 reviews and have had planty of payouts from them the method i use is instead of earning a top bonus on the track by writinga huge review with loads of musical terms i stick to a good revoew that takes me sixty seconds to type for 9p it takes about two minutes to write a review so 30 minutes times 9 equals a hourly rate of 2.70 Where as its not minimum wage if you have a really fast typing speed this would still create £10 a day with under four hours through the day .

The outline of a review
Important note your grammer and spelling should be good quality to get higher pay per review.
1-You should include genre and tone/timbre
5-musical arrangement
6-musical accompaniments
7-beat , tempo,mention of chords
8-the production
9-any recommendations to improve it .

You only need a sentence for each of the list and add a few great adjectives so its not really boring and always the same also the use of similies works well.
You can straight away earn more than the base rate as long as you include certain musical terms , this is the way i chose to structure my reviews and i find i get a nice added income of doing this it may work for you if you keep on reviewing your loyalty is rewarded the more you write .
I have found they also send you emails offering any members a bonus on certain tracks so you could have a base of 7 p and review a bonus track get a extra 20p so its 27p only four of theses and youve made a pound ,when you get these emails act quickly as once they have the allocated amount of track reviews the bonus will end on a day like this you can easily make 20.00 no problem.

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