Free food online from takeaway order sites its free but is it right - well im hungry so im eating for free .

Wel this method will allow you to eat a ten pound takeaway every night for £ 35 a week you will really get 70.00 worth of free food you can do this repeatedly saving yourself money every week .

  • Find a site that offers a deal like , they offer £5.00 of your first order  so order 10.00 minimum and youll pay only £5.00.

  • Now youll need to make as many facebook accounts as you can and link them to the site youll get 5 pounds off for each one so thats a new facebook account everytime you order go and like there page on facebook then select five pound discount after liking it will give you a five pound off code to use so then you can eat everyday a takeaway for a fiver .

The cool thing is you can pay by paypal they might need you to verify your phone number through paypal which is straightforward , or ust pay by card i use a prepaid card called ukash neo which works fine .

You have to finish payong the remainder of the order online to get the dicsount not cashhon delivery .


So this is a great way if all youve got is the odd five six quid on your debit card yo can still get a takeay using thhis method .

Bon apetit! 


If your interested read this article about five pound per freind you recommend to get grocerys online 5 people are a weekly shop free for you so if in need for cheap or free food make sure to check out the article .

If you need free fod urgently check here to find your local uk based foodbank .

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