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Chat rooms used to be a way of gaining valuble insight an untapped human resources ,its now full of sexual devients preying n eachother im steering clear -

Well I was shocked yesterday so you no me I blog about it , I went into a chat room yesterday I wont name it because I dont want to get sued this week lol, but I asked if any one in there wrote blogs and if any one would consider donating there talents doing a guest post that kind of thing , i was confronted with perverts trying to PM me on the chat site which i blocked immediately then the chat went to something i can only say your nan would not be proud of , i was totally shocked ,the site i was asking for help on is a members fundraising site which allows them all to donate whatever they can and then in times of need we all vote and the money in the pot gets distributed to people that need it the most , mainly people with health issues or unemployment come there when no else will help I was told to basically f off that I would steal there emails I mean are they serious you cant even sign up to my other site I take members by request who email me I do not email them ever I hate spamming , then they all started to insult people with cancer and why the resource was there , I mean I know the internet gives you some kind of anonymity but to use it to just to put down something that someones trying to make to help people , I really thought a couple of people would have said hey ,but they all carried on which actually made me furious , imagine a poor woman with cancer went into that chatroom at the time she would be devastated with the things they where saying I just think its shameful really they would never say any of that if you were in front of them because they know its so wrong I think you should be able to prosecute over some comments said on the internet to you personally because its still a crime they say absolutely vulgar things and if a man in the street ever said that to me id call the police straight away and he would be charged with a sexual harrassment in public or worse depending on what he said ,I think that if you go to a chat room you realise how f,,,,ked up this internet generation is ,chatrooms are like the internets university loads of prats away from home thinking no ones will have a clue what there up to i think its time they remove no registration from every chatroom . p.s i would never let my child go on chatrooms from what i saw the room was full of paedophiles and men trying to pursuede younger people to chat some even had chat names like oldman for young girl and the fact that even in the lobby the content instantly became graphic the child would be still taking that content in I think its such a bad idea to even have a webcam if you have kids im 24 and when I have a child seriously she will never be allowed alone with a computer its such a risk .

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Well if your into i.t and gaming you'll already be very familiar with the first shop I'm going to review CEX it has various stores but no direct phone number . Here's my experience -
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Well theres hardly any wher we can talk without having to hae thirty thousand preious posts in the forum lol noyt mine come bye use mine its just for you guys swap refs buy eachother just use it as i couldnt find alterntie so made one for everyone to use hope it helps - heres the link use facebook or guest sign in .I allow ref links to be posted .
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