Email list vs spamming you decide? secret no 3-wont see anywhere else online

Okay another secret which ill let everyone in on alot of succesful marketers use black hat methods out there and then lie , i myself wont as i love organic traffic i get joy from people visiting my blogs and sites because they want to but the realim of the situstion is different out there to make big bucks people nearly aalways invest speculate to accumalate methodolgy then lie saying they made it totally free just to grow there online presence and reputation also helps them sell memberships to silly cash systems and daft ebooks .
A lot of people hire people online to send emails on there behalf effectively paying someone else to spam they may have eight or nine people a day sending out 500 emails using five email accounts to send them each ,if only 20~% sign up or subscribe and buy they make a massive profit. So theres a secret what do you think about that?

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