PPC the godsend to all affiliate marketers you crazy if you aint running ads ?

Okay guys now lots of people use google to advertise there affiliate link and some of the best internet marketers are seeing a return of about 4 :1 of what they spend on googla advertisingcompared to what there refs earn them or products they buy through tthe link for your commisssion percentage .
If you arent inthe ppc arena yet then step forward gladiator this is a sure way to make cash , put the ads on a good blog or site that has a nice folowing allow the traffic to be organic as its more valued than traffic exchange and organic traffic tends to want o be there so are more willing to sign upp or use offers you promote as it appeals to the area of their interest.
If you are a new user then checkmy free credits post ive got 8 £1oo vouchers for google adertising to give away so use the code while its there

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