my sony bravia laptop output is gtreyed out when the vga is connectred

ok well in brief until i investigate let me tell  you computers can be tricked and you can make it do whatever you want ive got a little tip that will work if all else fails .

connect ypur laptop by vga male to male 15 pin cable and then on your computer press fn = f9  or fn +lcd/

should work quite easily if the sony bravia still cant recognize your laptops connection then heres the trick .

youll need a dell inspiron 6400 or similar with the function +lcd button which i think is f8  connect the vga then press the two buttons it will output through the vga and the bravia will recognize the connection , wait a minute then connect the vga to the toshiba satellite pro or whatever laptop its not regognizing it will get tricked and allow you access anyway it may say output unsupported but your screen will appear and youre fine to use it .

It works with toshiba satellite pro and sony laptops havent tried many others let me know how you get on .

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