sonybravia and iphone compatibility

Sony bravia updated questions -

Can I listen to my iphone tracks directly from the sony bravia through usb -

Well as before like i said even though sony wont , it only recognizes mpeg 4 thats all so  best way is if iphone not jailbroke or using cydia then add tracks to flash and insert it in the usb slot to get your tracks playing through the tv.

Als use a audio jack to do turn the sony into a massive stereo playing all the tracks directly from your iphone briwser or youtube app , you will not see but will hear perfectly with great sound and a increased volume than you would get through iphone speakers .

For the iphone to directly play audio without screen connect the sony bravia to your laptop allow the pc icon to light up click on that so your on the pc channel now remove your audio jack from the laptop and into your iphones jack slot and away you go using your desktop screen on the vravia through the laptop and your audio on the bravia from your iphone voila.
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