Whats all the fuss and why is everyone pandering to the royals this is bullcrap

Its all fair having every whim paid for by the subjects with the only real attribution being the create tourism the old cliche to make us believe their still worth the income .

The latest shit to hit the fan of the younger members is kate being papped, who really gives a sh**t

1' First of all why are they doing this whole thing lke its all a legal thing now man just take the shame she got them out and someone took a pic , obviously the desire to have no tan lines was more important than her modesty anyway . I mean theres fake tan  whats the big deal  you know the embarrassment it could cause .

2. Dont make the paparazzi the enemy yet again , it was the wrong choice a high profile person utside sunbathing like that ,shouldnt have done it  i never could imagine any other royal doing it maybe sarah ferguson lol, not the paparazzi shouldnt have taken it ,

3- Why are they acting like omg such a shepish person caught photographed dont get them out  thats all there is to it .

Can i get sued for having a opinion !!!!

My phone power button broke /can't turn phone on quick fix problem solved , phone power button gone , metal part under power button gone.

Hi guys the other day the little metal tiny disc fell off my phone I had long lost the power button before that but now there was nonway to ...