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Well as usual I logged into my favourite ppc which all my readers know im getting addicted to , when to my surprize as a promotion the are offering new members $2.50 totally free just for joining , when I signed up more than a year go it was 50  pence so it just shows how much more the site has rown since the beginning.

This money can be withdrawn immediately to paypal for free so even if you need something silly and dont have any paypal cash sign upp youve just made 2.50 . Claim your free cash now -click here

Christmas is here now and the hesitation of spending cash we all dont have  has fell firmly in our laps , so think about saving from now and use this site as a piggy bank I pass whenever I am bored or have a minute and then ust let the points and cash rack up till I finally want to purchase something its ust nice to have like 80.00  and some cash to spend on amazon for like trainers for example I do a few so at the end of the year I have over five hundred pounds worth in free gifts and extra cash  by doing pretty much nothng .
Here are my stats as you no i dont suggest anything i dont do myself -

How to start saving on january 1st for next christmas life the financial free way read this blog post click here .

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