Iphone 3gs tehering and sim most common issues solved and revisted hotspot,tethering

Iphone issues the most common questions -answered problems after tethering

Let me say with iphones there are manyglitches that occur and some people can be intimidated by the sheer amount of unpredicatble software problems that occur.

 No network -

  • You will encounter this many times through your life as an iphone owner just get use to it at first it use to send me crazy but it will always come back so may have to wait it out , if it hasnt returned within five minutes reboot the iphone then turn on if still no network go to settings and reset network settings then turnoff and on again it should be working fine again.

No data -

  • Everyone with a iphone has come to greatly depend on the limited safari browser and itslack of flash player support , but the fact that you have a add on or contract plan with unlimted interned youtube may tell you messages like this movie cannot be played or not allow you access to the internet at all momentariliy see if it comes back if not reset network settings ,but forst turn the phone on and off .

Cant remove content lock -

  • People have this problem they buy a phone with content lock and when tryig to take off are met with the message you are not authorized , and they are not allowed to enter their details .the only wayto fix rthis is take it the tmobile shop with id as thy can easily get rid of it and you wont need to give them your card details either .

Phone reset /emergency calls only -

  • The phne has been reset and now wont regognize yur sim , you need to reactivate your phone it has gone back to factory settings so you must connectit to itunes and let it activate , in the case it is mostly t mobile this happens so get a freinds sim or contract sim if you have one and activate the phone with that sync it to iphone once complete take out new sim and reinsert yur old sim it will regognize it again and then just re sync to itunes problem fixed .
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