Top 8 british must see films the marathon list - top ten films

             Top 8 -          Dillysans top British film list   

Ive been  watching lots of films this Christmas so I thought id make a list for my readers feel free to add great films . Have a good year .

1.This is England - (film four production)

Should if not be internationally renown a gritty peice of drama that depicts the racism the issue's and the nostalgia of the 70s 80 on ,with drug use , themes dealing with paternal abuse , and social mindset.This is one of the realest grittiest pieces of drama i have seen with awkward scenes that tear at your stomach and leave you feeling unsettled to say the least.A cast that effortlessly delivers an authentic portrayal of the youth at the time.A great film with a great soundtrack.

2-Dead mans shoes - (film four production)

This is a chilling edgy film set in the Manchester outskirts a brother returning  from the war comes back to avenge his mentally impaired younger brothers death.A story of a men on the brink of insanity caused by the guilt for his brothers death . Oneby one the perpetrator's of his brothers death are gruesomely killed . The difference with this film s the human aspect which i haven't seen done anywhere else quite effectively you are empathetic for the murderer and in the end scene the vulnerability and pure insanity leave you wanting to save hm which is such a twisted logic but beautifully achieved .

This film Will stay with you for years and years once you watch it its thought provoking ,and has an amazing ending that you would never expect.

28 days later /28 weeks later -

zombie horror flick s that are British to the core with a real urban feel and an abandoned London is something quite stomach turning for someone that walks those roads every day .The story is base don a monkey research unit being broken into by animal rights activists they release the infected monkeys who infect the population , a mail carrier awakes in hospital to roam the empty streets until found by another female survivor , they then meet a father and child and make there way through a savage england.

In 28 weeks later , the story focuses on a family unit beginning with a husband abandoning his wife and kids when under attack by the dead he leaves them to die the kids survive and find him but they think the mother is lost . When there mother is found and they are reunited she infects the father who begins an undead journey to find and kill his children its epic in a modest way with a eye gauging scene that you wont forget easily , both film are great so id suggest you watch them in sequel .

Creep -

Chilling horror based on a abandoned underground train station , now this really made me uncomfortable in a good way being a Londoner who's been at a central tube station for last train with only one other person on the platform and now looking in the dark tunnel is a different experience while i wait for my train. A lone  female in London heads out late on the last train ,new yeas eve that's when here misfortune begins she starts to get stalked by a crazed killer who has been living there since they where born even more unwittingly he dresses as a doctor which is way more creepy .Be warned to see gruesome scenes of killings an attempt at surgery on one victim is horrifying and when i watched it first at the cinema everyone in the cinema looked like they wanted to throw up which is great horror right.

Deadset -

The big brother Odyssey turns a British institution that we all grew up with into a horror hat had the whole of England in the edge of their seat .great performances from Jamie Winston from kidulthood and riz Ahmed from shifty , among the undead are all the well know UK big brother faces including the host Davina which was a awesome cameo. Basically the premise is everyone outsides dead or undead and there locked in waiting to finally be overrun will they make it ? A truly wonderful display from the cast very authentic and great drama .

Trainspotting -

Welcome to the world of a carrot top Scott and his heroin induced swimming experience down his toilet , a true cult film with a devoted fan base one of the most intimate drug themed films Ive ever seen a real insight into the Edinburgh undercurrent of the time .A film that made Ewan mccregor the household name he is now .

AliG in the house-

Often overlooked but the funniest homegrown comedy yet , penned by Sacha Baron Cohen and performed hysterically this is a favourite. The battle for staines community centre is on and  Ali will become prime minister if he has to to save it , with funny mishaps on the way including a turf war and a accidental experience with a blind man and some railings. A great cast with loads of funny scenes you'll be rein acting to your mates.

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