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                                              Dillysans 2013

                      Top Three paid to click /paid to refer sites that pay to paypal

-The best oppurtunities with paid to click online in 2013 -

-Dont waste your time paid over fifty times-



This site is awesome now what more can i say well if this year year you seriously want to monetuze your freinds and family for minimum effort then this is the one for you , i started way back about three years as a newbie and have found great success here from cashing out three hundred dollars for three referrals and an 16gb ipad for 10 referrals.

So I thought id quickly explain how it all works so you dont waste time ,and start making cash or gifts RIGHT AWAY .
                                You pick a gift or cash amount withdrawable to paypal.

  • As you can see theres something for everyone and the one ive picked for my 2013 item is a samsung pad for 10 referrals which im hoping ill be able to get within the week period so I can post a video and show you the parcel so on just give the idea from signup to gift how the process works.

    After you pick a item youll be told your offer requirements and wil then need to complete a offer that gived you the credit amount you need mine is one credit and so far ive earned 0.20 of a credit ,but to get my payout i have to have completed a offer worth 1 credit or multiple free offers .
      • After you fulfil your offer requirement you need to start working on referrals be it freinds family people in the local cafe or at the cex then your good to go, the referrals you sign up must then complete an offer worth the credit requirement for thheir prize and thats when you get paid .

Site userbility

Well ive been on here along time and a tip to everyone please dont use prepaid or giftcards to complete offers , this is frowned upon and your account will probably get banned so if using your debit card or bank account you have solely for this kind of thing then do offers with a outright purchase like a sweet for 1.00 instead of a trial subcription which is free and will give you your credit requirement but you may forget to vcancel in time leaving you bank debied so as a rule dont do trials do free or onr of small purchase $1 $2 no more than a £1.00 offer in uk as your profits are maimised and its quiker .

  • Th esite is easy to use with a dashboard where you can see your current stats and your prize and ref link heres a pic so you get the idea .
  • A novice would find it easy to use there are promotin tools but not loads so you have to take what they give and be creative so you may need some skills for that .

    Offer Crediting

  • Its not always the fastest but hey it works and i can testify to that , what i do is complete an offer wait trhee days then log in its normally always there if longer some offers may say but normally ivebeen creidted with everything within three days and ive never submitted a missed credit tickt which they will fulfill up to twice take a look .


    support and help

  • The site is really good as yo can message them direct using messenger and other chat resources just go to the main site and it will give you the link here.In my experience are always fast to respond and often have invited me to a personal chat which really gave me a sense of support that they where always contactable and not just ehind a screen .


    Last years winner has receeded the throne to make way for zip nada zilch but hey its still one of my long standng best payong sites so it needs to be here .

  • This site allows you to complete free offers tasks data entry or surveys for actually quite good money compared to other sites for email signups about 0,20 for menial tasks about 5.50 on average in surveyd daily.
  • Withdrawable to liberty reserve paypal payza,egold,cheque an loads more
  • Has paid me over fifty times never one issue
  • Allows you to convert your cash into points which increase the mney ypu get if you pick an item from amazon through them just lke tesco clubcard which triples the points if you dont redeem cash ounchers.
  • Has enough earning areas not t et bored and to actually get a nice amount of money a day on average 7-8 dollars plus any referral cahs you get from new sinups or currentmembers .

    Site userbility -

    Here are some pics so you get the idea of the out lay its so user freindly ive never had a problem and the site tracking of links is tpnotch ive never been let down .

    • The site is in easy to see earnig sections so you can find what appeals and get stuck in .

    Offer crediting -


      Great support if it wont credit they will help youjust after offers n these ites take screenshots so if a company says no yu have the proof as advertisers somethimes decline to paya a commmission sometimes .
      -I have never had a offer not credit youmade to make sure cookies are enabled so it can track and try not to leave the linked age and then go back .Also if its a purchase the do itone movement not over hours incase the link times ourt that way youll always be credited .

    support and help -

      -Well the site had great customer supprot and really once youopen a ticket they willa lways respond they are really good at looking after there members as the site has made such alot in payouts for the amount of members because all the members work hard to promote and get referrals.
      - cashle /ponts2shop is a joy to be a part of with great rewards and a great frum community with many amazing ides.

    Heres one of my accounts stats  so you can see you will really earn points and cash .

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    Hi guys the other day the little metal tiny disc fell off my phone I had long lost the power button before that but now there was nonway to ...