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Bargain hunters who see new year as a way to grab a treat why not do the same with you groceries Ive just received my latest order from them so i took screenshots of the process so you could all see how it works .

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Well like I've said in my blog as its not well known people wont take a look but its actually a market leader in discount branded foods so that's a myth .

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Here are some of the bargains I've picked as my favourites and are now sitting in my pantry proudly with all the other free food .

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  • -Until i found this site i had no idea of post mix syrup actually mixing your own coca cola at home which was awesome and allowed me to save so much cash its retail was over 30.00 so its a great saving you can also buy fanta post syrup , i seriously never knew they existed till i shopped here.

My favourite of all is the batter mix that i cant find anywhere else which taste like the food does in American diners i think its the buttermilk you add to the batter but this is the est batter mix ever and it will last so long so its one thing I'm not bothered about dates with , the pack size is massive and really gives you at least three months when using biweekly on fish or chicken .

If you want free goodies refer a friend if you want a great shop for a third of the amount
then shop here now .
And my basket with total and savings of the shop

52 items  many multiples
Basket price -£22.44
Basket rrp-£60.23

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