Paid to write -residual income from triond and yahoo

              Paid to write residual income from triond and yahoo contributor network

Well now I only chose to show you real sites and methods I  use and have received payment for so you can rest assured that these sites pay and dont mess their writers about.The pension problem has become a big issue with our members so they have decided to invest their time to have a article base of about 500 articles on different revenue sharing sites which in 5 years time will allow them a pension fund boost its a very new popular way to save very slowly for things or to start a nest egg.
In my many years experience i would really suggest you use the sites i have suggested as i have received payout and found them very transparent when it comes to payment.

The best content to write?

-Well there are always great income generating articles in niche areas so sit back and think of weird off centre topics as there is something for everyone also if you find a niche which isnt already dominated by a market leader you can really clean up financially.
-Also i have had some articles that receive constant traffic swarms around exam time every year i suggest finding a up to date syllabus or curriculum and write up to 100 articles that would help exam revision, you will see alot of income generated this way.
-Historical articles are not the funnest to write if you dont like history but there a great revenue earner history is my favourite subject and i tend to write at least 100 historical articles on topics that come up through the whole of the school cirriculum and A level historic figures you will get traffic with all exam periods it makes alot.
-Relationship or funny satirical articles also do well as people like them as light reading normally funny facts and a small dialogue about a personal opinion.
-Massive political events are great aslike history as once they occur they will always be searched in the future hence alot of residual income from this.

Writing tips which really help-

1.Well use a high density of keywords in the first paragraph at least of an article so you are found alot quicker by the search engine , to achieve this i normally add a introduction to all my articles which i have about five sentences - for example if my article was about iphones i would mention  the word iphone alot the words buy, review ,iphone review, this iphone review , the search engine scans the first section so its very important.
2.When writing historic articles make sure the title is easy and keyword rich like if its a leader or historic figurefor exampl  hannibal the anihilater i would include in the title - hannibal the anihilater legend of a warlord and vengeful leader. It would make it easier to find when people searched either hannibal or vengeful leader for example creates more traffic.
3.Most submission sites youll be submitting on have a section for you to enter tags and some even a few keywords so heres what to do if your a beginner.In the tags find search terms that you would relate to your article maybe not the title but if you have a casino article people may search trusted casinos , even though your article is called casino review you would in the tags put trusted casino so your article came up in their search results to, you should enter as many as allowed.

Here are some of my articles that have had over 200-300 view and some over 500 , they are on different sites and disributor platforms but here are some of the articles that meet requirements and attrack traffic so you can get an idea of what to write and where to start .

On triond writing platform - In politics category. 
                                     - In love and relationship category . 
                                     - In the history category this type does the best .
On yahoo distributor platform- In poetry section   -
In the short stories category-  short stories

The way to make your nest egg grow rapidly

Check out the section free adwords, yahoo,bing advertising credit in one place-  as this is key in getting your articles off the ground i have used google ads and bing and facebook all to make ads with a catchy headline and my url to the article  , the secret is when you sign up for a free account with certain sites they give you aload of free advert credit so its free on my site i have a recommendation to get over £90.00 free not a penny needed or credit card .Set a daily budget of about 10.00 and see the traffic swarm to your articles. I do this everytime i get another free coupon  just to boost my residual income.

I would also promote them on article submission directories which do take a while to index but are worth it and also forums that allow link posting also a great way to get content is set up a article newsletter for this you will need to start a list and get a email account for marketing which are all free click here to go to theset up my newsletter page and my free mailchimp account.

Now before you spend your time doing anything Here are my two recommendations Triond and yahoo contributer network
Payment proof for triond-

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