Best unemployed / on benefits /adverse credit loan available on the market 100% guaranteed acceptance - no credit check loan .

This loan is 100% guaranteed acceptance  and you cant get better than that anywhere trust me I've looked everywhere. There is no fee, no broker involved also no credit check to worry about failing .

This is the only loan I've found without any conditions of being approved for it you you are guaranteed acceptance .The interest is minute compared to bad credit - credit loans with high acceptance on the market .
This is the favourite loan product I've found and I know your thinking have i tried it? well....... obviously.

This is the best alternative to bad credit high acceptance loan  like payday lenders and doorstep lenders even instalment loans please try here first before anywhere else . This could help get you out of a pickle without spiralling you further into debt.


Join a credit  union, most offer this loan just do a google search for one that is in your area and accepts you as a member ,check using your postcode or town (just a note you can apply for the loan the same day you join, no prior savings with them needed).

Fill in  a joining form and a child benefit loan and savings form all downloadable and printable (if your old school and want to post it off) but you can email them to them which saves about 11 days. I would recommend email.

Ring child benefit  and change your payments to weekly  and change bank details to credit union.

Soon as your  first child benefit payment hits the credit union account your loan will be allocated to you, sent by bacs to the bank account of your choice which you would have chosen on your application.

The loan is normally sent  to your bank the same day ,some unions do faster payments so money will reach the account in 15 minutes .

The only rules-

1.You must receive child benefit for a minimum of at least one child.

2.They take repayment over 50 weeks for £500 loan

3.The remainder of your child benefit is saved with them until the loan is paid off acting as collateral for the loan .

4.Once the  loan is paid off the savings will be withdrawable and you can immediately start the process over .

For one child after paying the loan off at the fifty week mark you will have approximately 450 savings to withdraw.(Extra note) If more than one child the other portion can be withdrawn so you can still receive one child's portion of the child benefit while the loan is paid off,or you can choose to save that also giving you roughly 900 -1000 in savings .

Maximum loan 500 minimum loan 100, no credit check guaranteed approval .This is a
godsend to those on low incomes or benefits or just with a shocking credit profile,  I cant recommend it highly enough.

From application to payment I would give it 10 days so apply head of time , but they can do it much faster if you phone them and its an emergency .

Please use this as an alternative to high APR bad credit guaranteed acceptance loans its really the best option there is.
I hope this helps someone in a  pickle.

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