Todays choice of bad credit loand with high acceptance

Todays bad credit high acceptance loan low  income ,umemployed loans


Well if your here your desperate for a bad cedit loan with high acceptance,we have all been between a rock and a hardplace and sometimes its the only option in a emergency.

Before applying -

Bad credit loans with high acceptance tend to offer very high APR in the thousands sometimes .So if your credit is at the 150 - 200 mark then try a credit card first as its a much cheaper alternative then a short term or instalment loan.
 Here is a great list with really high acceptance rates of those with bad to adverse credit profiles they all use eligibility checkers so get agood idea if you qualify for the card without hurting your credit profile more. Click here.

LIKELY LOANS .COM  choice of the day , review and application processI actually havent seen this direct lender alot when searching bad credit loan , I actually stumbled across this bad credit loan by accident .

First tip -
I got pre-approved  for over £2000 ,and i do have a shocking credit score  Here's how it got pre-approved.
I applied at Zopa loans and was rejected (it stops hurting after a while ), but on rejection they said are partner site has pre-approved you  which was  LIKELY LOANS.COM dependent on verification checks also offered me the amount pre-approved for.

I went over to the loan site through the offer link and surprisingly it was nice and transparent , I submitted my details like date of birth, address and bank details etc .A message then said we will now do our verification checks . they did it all on line , no paperwork submitted no phone calls or job phone numbers given .
The next morning woke up to  a email saying approved and it was already in my bank.

Just to be clear I borrowed over £2000 and had to pay back about 900 in interest over a year , but with the shocking credit score I have I was quite pleased of their approval and was comfortable with the interest compared to other bad credit loans being double the amount at least .Also you can pick 24 months up to 50 months if you need smaller instalments but beware interest will be more with more lengthy repayment terms .


All on line , no extra paperwork  very straightforward and transparent with interest.Its a 24 hour loan (every application has verification checks overnight).Lower APR compared to other bad credit high acceptance loans on the market .High amounts approved for new customers ,top ups aloud if stay up to date with payments and pay by direct debits.
Up to 5 thousand new borrowers and 10 thousand existing /returning customers.


Can easily over borrow if approved , still has a high APR  and may be easy for some borrowers top up and increase their loan contract beyond their means.Easy to get into trouble if  circumstances change as long term commitment if choosing a lengthier repayment option like 24-50 months.
So here is all the info i have and to be frank with you all i really do recommend this loan for people with adverse as instead of having to apply for many payday loans to make up the amount leading to allot more interest . I found them really good and customer service has been helpful . I hope this stops your search for the money and you get approved as quickly as I did it was a lifesaver at the time .
why not check out my other top picks of the day for review and process of other bad credit high acceptance loans. A ll tried and tested for my lovely readers .Click here.

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