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The paypal exchanges for me are not the favourite exchanges a s accounts can get froze quite often so unless your fully verified past the submition of verification documents then ill trade with you but if unverified im sorry i cant.
I make sure the transaction is completed as soon as your funds clear in my account i send yours , ive been a high rated member on many forums and the exchange sites online but the priced are so high with 6 dollars of liberty reserve converting to only a pound paypal i can do better than that so try me out .

Im offering xchanges here are my rates -

Exchange for

liberty reserve - £10.00 paypal -£5.00

moneybookers- £7.00 paypal - £4.00

Liberty reserve -£4.00 moneybookers - £2.75

Moneybookers -£4.00 Paypal - £2.75

Liberty reserve -£5.00 bank transfer -£2.75

Alertpay/Payza -£5.00 liberty reserve -4.00

paypal - £10.00 liberty reserve -5.00

I only exchange in increments of the above amounts if you need for example 20.00 liberty reserve for paypal you will have to request 10.00 twice .

Amazon.co.uk vouchers
Delivered as soon as i receive your payment by email delivery
£5.00 Liberty reserve 9.99

£5.00 moneybookers £7.00

£5.00 bank transfer £5.45

£5.00 paypal £9.99

£5.00 Netteller £7.50

£5.00 bit coins - 3

Exactly what i need to do and what you need to do the exchange system and how i work .

I also can provide one off vcc for individuals to verify paypal and ebay accounts
for uk i charge £20.00 with a balance on the card of 5.00 enough to verify acounts and google adwords ect .

please submit your exchange request by email to findmegps@hotmail.co.uk
ill get back to you asap through email with my messenger name so we can real time be in touch while we exchange .
I will send you a confirmation email saying the amount you want converted pay through the emailn pay button i t might say your buing a item but thats how ive sent the invoice for you to pay and it stops accounts being froze so much . provided and ill send you your funds as soon as your hits my accounts .

you will need to include in the email , which currency you need exchanged liberty reserve ect, to what currency you need paypal ect , the amount and the email or address of the account you need me to send a payment email to so you can pay from the account you have funds in .as soon as you pay through the invoice i send i can see its in my accunt and ill pay you your funds .

I only take two exchanges per person a day on any accounts or currency if i find people trying to do more under various accounts et i will not deal with you anymore .

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